The Drug Store

Drug store
The drug store and soda fountain was enlarged by opening a wall to the next store.
The three businesses needed refrigeration and maintenance by Tom Marshall and my
father: were the Drug Store Soda Fountain, College Ice Cream manufacturing plant and
The Green Lantern Restaurant. (The Copper Kettle Cafe refrigeration was repaired by
the cafe owners). Refrigeration was difficult to maintain. Sunday, March 1, 1931 Tom
wrote in his diary, "Sulphur Dioxide caused us to disconnect the refrigerator and take it
out of the Drug Store. Mr. Peters became sick and remained in bed all day". March 2,
"Mr. Peters in bed with a bad throat". My father was critically ill for almost three weeks. LFM


Soda fountains at drug store
The University Drug Store has been in the same location for sixty-eight years. During a
1930 remodeling, the ceiling was raised and the second-floor office and windows were
added. Starting in 1932, Harold Webb was owner/manager for more than forty years. In
1932, Louise's diary records, " Mr. Webb came to see me about a lease". Webb also later
became a Marshall Foundation board member. There have been many changes in the
store, but in 1990 the rounded office windows were still there. LFM


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