Aerial View

1928 aerial view of newly complete library.
An aerial view of campus was made in 1928 to show the newly completed Library
building, (in 1990 Arizona State Museum, North) in the center of the picture. It was
frequently called the most beautiful public building in Arizona. This was,the sixth
of seven campus buildings designed by Lyman and Place. Roy Place would design a
dozen more, Place and Place a few more. This gave a consistent, unified plan to the
campus. The center foreground vacant lot will soon become Tiny Links. Miniature golf
courses were very popular at that time. Buildings in the right foreground are the
University Square stores. The original four buildings and comer drug store had proved
to be a good investment, so more stores were added. The two to the east on Park
included a gift shop and a restaurant. Behind these two buildings along an alley was a
separate building for the manufacture of College Ice Cream. In his diaries Tom Marshall
called this alley "College Street." It was never a dedicated street: the name would not
be found on a Tucson map. A good name, but no Tucson street to this day is named College. LFM FB


drugstore 1926
The corner drug store 1926. A view from unpaved Park Avenue; a stack of bricks
is in place for the construction of an adjoining building for a gift shop and restaurant.
Park Avenue will become wider because land next to the stores was given for that
purpose when the new stores were built. TKM
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