Micky and the Ice Cream Factory

mickey fox terrier
Micky the Marshall's fox terrier 1930. Micky pre-dated Mickey Mouse; perhaps he was
named for Tom's friend Micky Curran. On October 24, 1930, Tom recorded a visit from
Micky Curran: "First met Micky at the Tom Boy Mine, Telluride, Colorado in 1894." The
fence and saguaro are part of Tiny Links golf course, built by Dr. C. L. McKee. The side
door to the Green Lantern on "College Street" in the above picture was a convenient
entrance for the miniature golf course office. Tom's diary for January 20, 1930; "The
minature golf course will use the coffee shop for a recreation room and office." The golf
course was closed by October 1, 1930 because a lack of patrons due to competion from
several other courses. TKM
My oil painting was made in a University oil painting class in 1950. The assignment was
to paint a landscape; I looked over the wall and painted the College Shop, "College Street"
and former College Ice Cream building. (None Nicer Creamery had leased it starting in 1933.)
August 28, 1952, I took the painting to show Mrs. Marshall. I was pleased that she gave
constructive criticism to me. After my visit, she wrote in her diary, "Patricia called and we
discussed her picture. I think she was convinced of my criticisim. Her line perspective was
perfect but her surface perspective was very faulty. Hope I convinced her. Unfortunately,
her professor had made no criticism." I thought, "How long ago it was that she studied
perspective and had art lessons, how wonderful she can remember so many things!" PPS
College ice-cream truck
College Ice Cream truck. I remember it as a very old truck and was hard to start.
A magneto lever on the steering wheel provided the initial spark. My father used
it for deliveries. TKM
Micky the fox terrier in the ice cream truck
Micky and the truck. Micky always seemed to be smiling. With the joyful,
exuberant personality typical of a Fox Terrier, he had more enthusiasm than good
judgement; diary entries by Tom and Louise often mention Micky's adventures. TKM
From park to stores
From Park Avenue to the stores 1928 - soon Tiny Links will be on the vacant lot. The
future site of the Arizona Historical Society is on the right. In 1990 only the street lamps
are the same. TKM


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