In the Back Yard

New fish pond
The new fish pond. July 4, 1932 is enjoyed by mother and me. Newly planted are
water lilies, cactus garden and tamarack hedge. To the right is the back of the
Pueblo-styled Sigma Nu fraternity. WCP
Patricia age 9
Lily pond blossoms and Sigma Nu fraternity in the background. I am
nine years old. IP
Lily pond and grandmother's small apartment unit built on the back of her lot.
It cost $1800 in 1940 to build this one-bedroom apartment. IP FB
Snow and Sigma Nu1957. Tamarack hedge poles were made into a
grape-stake fence. PPS FB
pond 1990
Abandoned for years. This picture was taken in January 1990. In the summer of
1990 the home and yard were completely remodeled for offices. Sigma Nu fraternity house
was replaced by apartments. ELC FB
view of area
Aerial view of Euclid to campus. Most photographs do not include Euclid Avenue
and First Street. This view was sent to me in 1958 by Marvin (Swede) Johnson,
University Vice-President. FB
One bedroom duplex
The one-bedroom duplex. This one is at 1018-1020 N. Euclid, (a 1937 photo of
Isabell and Lenore Black). Three of these duplexes were built in 1923. They have a good
floor plan for a small house. The living room is across the front, the kitchen is on the outside
wall side of house. The service porch has three doors; one to the kitchen, one to the
bedroom and one outside. From the living room toward the shared (inside) wall is a
double closet and passageway to the bathroom, a second bathroom door leads to the
bedroom that is across the back of the house. There is no wasted space in a small house. WCP
1018-1021 in1989. In the center of the picture are the front porch pillars on home next
door, north. This was my grandmother's home as shown below. PPS FB
Grandma Croxens Family
Grandmother Croxen's family, 1946. Seated, center, is Grandmother Croxen,
standing, Ivan Peters and her two children Wilma Peters and Fred Croxen I; seated
are her three grandchildren who are now UA Freshmen, Charles Croxen, myself, and
Fred II. Charles and Fred were back from service in WW II. ELC


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