A Fond Farewell to 819, 1951

Valentines Day 1951
Valentine's Day 1951, the engagement announcement party, of Miss Patricia
Peters to Lieutenant Roger Stephenson. From left; seated, front table Sherri
Pinkerton, Judy Richerson,Jean Macinnes Christiansen; back table, Gilberta Cosu1ich,
Lora Chipetti, Jean Ama1ong, Alice Condit. Standing, from left; Elvira Glad, Lucy High,
Ann James, Marian Ojeda, Lora Dunham, Pat Peters, Helen Hunt, Anita Jean Walker,
Betty Anderson, Shirley Reinhardt, Carol Bliss and Mildred Gunby. Seated at right,
back table; Faye Perry, Edith Croxen, Anna Croxen and Faye Millsap; front table
Winona Jewell, Wilma Peters and Grace Gatewood. Faye Perry's daughter Cynthia and
Edith Croxen's son Fred II had been married almost two years. Anna Croxen was
happily anticipating the birth of her first great-grandchild, (Fred W. Croxen Ill). This
photograph was taken facing west in the living room at 819.
First wedding at Trinity
Sunday, April 18, 1951. This was the first wedding performed in the newly
completed Trinity Presbyterian Church sanctuary.
The Wedding party
The wedding party.
Leaving 819 April 8, 1951.
Leaving 819 April 8, 1951.


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