Student Essay

The most interesing things about the interview process is what other people think about Mariachi help her lives. i think Freddy is very firendly and nice person. Also he is very respectful. Renee is very nice, also she is very friendly, I think Renee is very good person, because I can talk for a long time with her, and I see, she can do a good friend. Dago is little serious but he so intelligent. Also he is very nice and friendly too.

From my personal interview, Mariachi is like a culture. Mariachi and folklorico for me is like a Mexican culture, but not only for Mexico because Mariachis are around the world. I think it relates more with Renee because she is a girl and she explained to me more about what mariachi is for her. But also with Dago and Freddy because both like to play mariachi music. Also they play guitar. In our Del Corazón Project I learn about leadership with different people. I think with Del Corazón Project we have a lot opportunties for success in Mariachi.

Yesenia Soto

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