African American Churches in Tucson, Arizona, 1900 - 1990

In 1900, when Arizona was still a territory, Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church was founded. Prince Chapel followed in 1905. Other Black churches were organized, and their numbers have grown to around 26 in 1990 spanning five denominations. Five of those churches, representing four denominations, are represented in this exhibit:

This photographic exhibit is presented by the African American History Internship Project (AAHIP) which is jointly sponsored by the Pima Community College and the Arizona Historical Society.

A collection of oral histories titled "African American Churches in Tucson" that was prepared by the AHIP project is also available.

The principal researchers were: John Armour (Student, Pima Community College), Gary Cunningham (Student, Pima Community College), Nathan Gammage (Student, University of Arizona), Mia Hadjerioua (Student, University of Arizona), Amy Knowles (Student, Pima Community College), Dr. Harry Lawson (Psychologist & Project Coordinator)

View a 16 minute video of The New Hope Baptist Church Choir, from Casa Grande, Arizona. This video was recorded during a performance on October 11, 1987, at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival.

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