* Asterisk denotes copy of letter in writer's file
AZ Arizona
CE Cash Entry
DL Desert Land
DLE Desert Land Entry
DS Declaratory Statement of Pre-emption
F.C. Final Certificate
GLO General Land Office, Commissioner of the
G&SRBM Gila and Salt River Base Meridian
GPO Government Printing Office
HD Homestead Entry
HE Homestead Entry
L.D. Land Decision
MBL Military Bounty Land Warrant
M.R. Military Reservation
n Endnote
PC Patent Certificate
R&R Register and Receiver
S/A Special Agent
(SIC) Thus so, reproduced exactly as in original text
SEC. Section, i.e. 20-T20S-R4E, to be read as: Section 20, Township 20 South, Range 4 East
T.C. Timber Culture
TCE Timber Culture Entry
T20S Township 20 South
R4E Range 4 East
Part of which site