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The Soza family is an excellent example of the presence of Mexican-Americans in the Tucson area for several generations, how their lives contributed to Tucson's cultural and economic history, and to their on-going love for our community. The Soza's history is one of a pioneer family that settled and homesteaded in the Sonoran Desert, and later turned to the city.

Happily, Soza family members, led by Edward Soza, chronicled and compiled a family history. Mr. Soza's first print version appeared in 1996 under the title of Arizona Pictorial Biography: Antonio Campa Soza 1845-1915. A deluxe edition containing added and repositioned photos was printed in February 1997. On October 27, 1997, Mr. Soza reported that "the U. S. Copyright Office has issued Certificate of Registration TXu 791-067 for the above title."

A copy of the Deluxe Edition has been presented to the University Library with the following inscription:

Presented to the University of Arizona on behalf of the Soza Family Reunion Committee by Edward Soza, October 10, 1997.
Finally, we thank U of A colleague and Soza family member, Norma Gonzales Lopez, for her assistance and support in connecting Edward Soza with Library staff. Norma's father, Nazario A. Gonzales, Jr., can be seen as a baby [32K] in one of the Nazario Gonzales family images.

Nazario Gonzales family

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