The Negro of Tucson, Past and Present

by James Walter Yancy

This document was submitted as a thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, of the University of Arizona in 1933.

editor's note

Preface (p. 1)

Chapter 1: Introduction (p. 2-5)

  • The Scope of the Thesis
  • Sources of Material
  • Methods and Procedure
  • Limitations

Questionnaires (p. 6-8)

Chapter 2: Negroes of Tucson, Arizona, before 1900: Historical Development(p. 9-26)

  • Estevan and His Relationship to Tucson
  • Negroes of Tucson -- 1850-1900

Chapter 3: The Present Negro of Tucson, Arizona (p. 27-82)

  • Negro Population of Tucson
  • Employment of Negroes
  • The Negro Housing Problem
  • Negro Investments and Savings
  • Financial Cost and School Attendance of Negroes: Elementary and Junior High Schools
  • A Comparison of the Negro Population of Tucson with the Negro Population of Nine Other Cities
  • The Business, Political, and Religious Organizations of Negroes

Images from James Walter Yancy Thesis Photographs

Chapter 4: Summary and Conclusion (p. 83-85)

Bibliography (p. 86-87)



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