Trailtones: The African-American Heritage of Arizona

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Part One - Bibliographic Survey [PDF]

This select group of materials is provided to assist in the search for African-American heritage materials. The heritage extends to the history of other states as we examine the origins of various migrating groups. We are also concerned with 20th century interests and for that reason, a few national and international topics have been added too. Information is divided into:

  • The African Diaspora
  • Arizona the Territory

Part Two - Photographic Survey 

Part Three - Annotated Bibliography [PDF]

Part Four - Appendices

Appendix A [PDF]: Provided to give the researcher the call number areas in which certain works can be found. Special locations were grouped together under the call number section to permit the researcher to conduct searches in specific areas of the library or to provide clues as to the availability of such materials in various departments of the library.

Appendix B [PDF]: Provides the opportunity to browse for materials by placing the researcher in the call number area where materials can be found. As call numbers change through the decades, then we must adjust our browsing techniques. The Library of Congress Classification Numbers have grown in popularity, but they are not the exclusive call numbers in use today. Many special libraries still contain their own special systems of classifying their material, along with the o lder system of Dewey Decimal classifications. We must this into account as we search.

Appendix C [PDF]: Contains the Library of Congress Subject Headings, 1989 publication, that can be used to find information about Afro-Americans in that subject area of the card catalog. This list represents cards found at the Unviersity of Arizona during 1990, representing materials that are on the shelves in the main stacks of the library or in various others departments of the library.

Photo Credits: The images that appear in the Photographic Survey are provided through the courtesy of the Arizona Historical Society, 949 E. Second Street, Tucson, Arizona 85719. The code indicates the Arizona Historical Society's accession number for the photograph. Please refer to the accession number when contacting AHS about a photo.

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