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Fort Lowell Ruins Arizona Historical Society #47136
Fort Lowell Ruins
Arizona Historical Society #47136

"Local life is intricately dependent for its quality, and also for its continuance, upon local knowledge. Without a complex knowledge of one's place it is inevitable that the place will be used carelessly and eventually destroyed." 

A Continuous Harmony, Wendell Berry

THE OLD FORT LOWELL NEIGHBORHOOD has been called a microcosm of Southwest history because of the many cultures that are a part of its past. A historic district lies within its boundaries; ancient Hohokam dwellings and artifacts are recorded and interpreted in Fort Lowell Park; Mormon aqueducts still carry water and harbor wildlife; ruins of Fort Lowell are preserved and interpreted by the Arizona Historical Society Branch Museum; descendants of Mexican settlers of El Fuerte (The Fort) still reside in the adobe homes of their ancestors.

We welcome you to our tour and celebration of the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood, and we encourage your questions. Scholars and/or residents are available at the sites to fill the inevitable gaps left in this brief summary.

Map of the Old Fort Lowell Historic Neighborhood
Sites 1 - 9

Click on any number shown on the map, or the listing beside it, to read a description.

first map of Fort Lowell walking tourGo to Riparian WoodlandGo to Hohokam -- Hardy SiteGo to Early Settlers -- Pecan OrchardGo to Camp Lowell -- Cottonwood LaneGo to Post HospitalGo to Commanding Officer's QuartersGo to Band BarracksGo to Cavalry Corral and StablesGo to Best-Preserved Officer's Quarters
1. Riparian Woodland
2. Hohokam -- Hardy Site
3. Early Settlers -- Pecan Orchard
4. Camp Lowell -- Cottonwood Lane
5. Post Hospital
6. Commanding Officer's Quarters
7. Best-Preserved Officer's Quarters
8. Band Barracks
9. Cavalry Corral and Stables


Map of the Old Fort Lowell Historic Neighborhood
Sites 10 - 23

Go to Corbett DitchGo to C. García HomeGo to Richard and Lupita Ochoa HomeGo to Juan's HouseGo to P. García HomeGo to La TienditaGo to Hen House WallGo to Post Trader's HouseGo to CommissaryGo to Old Fort Lowell School and Union ChurchGo to La CapillitaGo to San Pedro ChapelGo to El CallejónGo to Isidro Ochoa HouseGo to  Best-Preserved Officer's Quarters
10. Commissary
11. Post Trader's House
12. Isidro Ochoa House
13. El Callejón
14. Hen-House Wall
15. P. García Home
16. R. Ochoa Home
17. C. García Home
18. Juan's House
19. Corbett Ditch
20. La Tiendita
21. Old Fort Lowell School and Union Church
22. La Capillita
23. San Pedro Chapel