Hohokam - Hardy Site Site #2


The Hohokam (in the Piman Language the word means "Those That Are All Used Up") settled in this valley, like other settlers later, because of the dependable water supply and rich soil. They migrated here around A.D. 300.

They farmed the rich bottomlands south of the Rillito and west of the Pantano. They crossed the Rillito to collect saguaro fruits and other desert plants on the lower slopes of the Santa Catalina Mountains and ventured into higher elevations to hew pine and fir posts suitable for house and ramada building.

Their old village, known as the Hardy Site, now lies beneath Fort Lowell Park and the Surrounding neighborhoods. Potsherds are found as far west as Swan Road. Between A.D. 1350 and 1450, almost the entire population disappeared suddenly; the cause is only guessed at. (For more detailed information on the Hohokam, please see the displays developed by the Arizona State Museum at this site.)