Messenger Birds

Gregory Sanchez, killed in action 
Gregory Sanchez, killed in action 

"In our back yard you can see a big tree and my mom and little sister were looking at the tree when a white bird flew up and just looked down at them. Two days later I was in a van on the way to Los Angeles with fifteen members of my family. Two cars crashed in front of us and we barely escaped crashing into them because a truck was behind us and we couldn't stop. Two or three days before my Nanita (great grandmother) got sick, my little sister, who was very close to her, saw the same bird on the same tree just looking down at us. My Nanita died soon after. So each time we see that bird we think it is my Nanita, like her soul, looking over us." 
(Gabriel Figueroa, 7/8/97)

"During the Korean War, my mother-in-law went over to her friend's house. They were sitting outside drinking coffee when they heard an unfamiliar bird song. My mother-in-law said that meant she would hear from her son in Korea who she hadn't heard from for a while. The next day she received a telegram that he had been killed in action." 
(Bertha Sanchez, 6/24/97)