Nancy the Tomboy

Nancy Freitas, self-portrait
Nancy Freitas, self-portrait


My name is Nancy Freitas and I am in fourth grade. I have brown hair, with red and golden highlights. My blue eyes show off my hair, at least that's what my mom says. I was born December 19, 1991, at Northwest Hospital. My dad's name is Robert, my mom's name is Halley, Jacob is my brother's name and he is eight, and last but not least is my youngest brother Samuel, he is five. I am the oldest of three. My brothers and I share a kitten named Angel. 

I am going to turn ten tomorrow. I'm four-foot-six and a half. I'm known for being a tomboy and I like it. See, the thing is I want to be a boy. Being a boy would be amazingly cool. You can get dirty, horse around, and do a ton of stuff girls can't do. Girls are supposed to be proper, love makeup and all that. Well, I've got to tell you I hate it all. First of all I hate makeup. Second, I hate being a girl (you can ask Marianna!) 

Some of my adventures are going to Hawaii, going fishing, going to Sequoia National Park, and getting my very cute kitten Angel. Some of my other adventures are really cool but too long to tell. 

My neighborhood is big. Let me give you an example: we have weddings there. William is my next-door-neighbor. William and I have a ton         
of neighbors. We live on the northern part of Main Ave. For one, I really like my neighborhood. My neighbors are great, and considering the facts, we've got good looking houses. There was this house called the Chaney House. The Chaney House used to be the most rundown house on our street, but this one man fixed it up, so now it's the most beautiful house on my street. It has stained glass windows, a chandelier, a beautiful garden, and a ton of other cool stuff.

The things that I want to be or that I want to accomplish is to become a policewoman, a soccer player, and be good at sports and music. Sports are one of the things that I love most; they are cool, entertaining, and fun. When I say cool I mean neat. I also love music—I'm in the mariachi group Las Aguilitas de Davis. In the Aguilitas you play mariachi music and go around playing for people. Once we even played for the governor of Arizona. It was pretty fun. When we play we also sing. I love it.

My favorite colors are navy blue and bright yellow. My favorite foods are pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and Chinese food. The best place for pizza is Peter Piper Pizza. Baskin Robbins is my favorite place for ice cream. Last but not least is Chinese food, I don't know where we get it, but it's the best.