Who I Am

by Jennie Piccarreta

Jennie Piccarreta, family portrait
Jennie Piccarreta, family portrait


My name is Jennie Piccarreta. My background is Italian. My great grand- mother was all Italian. I'm not sure where in Italy she was born but I know for a fact she was born in Italy. My grandfather speaks a lot of Italian. 
   I was born August 20, 1992, at 8:30 p.m. in Tucson, Arizona. I'm not an only child—I have 3 sisters. Their names are Roxanne Garcia, Andrea Borcha, and Danielle Piccarreta. My sister Roxanne has a different last name because she has a different dad. My sister Andrea is married. Danielle and I belong to my dad Carl Piccarreta. 
   My best friends are Yvette Sabala, Jasmín Fimbres, and Diego Bravo. Jasmín has been my best friend since the third grade. Yvette has been my best friend since the beginning of the school year. Diego and I always used to fight but now we get along great. 
   I don't like Barbies. My least favorite food is fish. My favorite food is anything to do with potatoes. I love mashed potatoes with butter. I'm not a vegetarian but I don't eat cows or lambs.         
   I have three pets—a dog, a bird, and a hamsterMy dog's a girl, her name's Meg. My bird's name is Cheesy. He's a boy. I named him Cheesy because he's orange like cheese. The hamster really belongs to Roxanne. He's a boy too, and his name is Hampton. Its funny because he climbs like a monkey, digs like a dog, and way more. I've gone to so many places. I practically always go to San Diego, because my cousin lives there. I've been to Mexico once. I've never been anywhere out of North America. 
   My school is 100 years old. Every year my school has a Halloween carnival. The carnival has a haunted house, booths, and food. Each class has to think of a fun activity for the carnival. This year my class made a Wildcat football toss and cascarones. We sold all of our cascarones. 
   When I grow up I'm going to be a lawyer. I also think it's a good idea to be a lawyer because I'm already good at arguing. 
   My house is very big. It has a pool and a small backyard. My front yard has two big palm trees. The rocks in my front yard are red. I think it looks really cool.