Interview with Cecilia Marmion

by Cecilia Marmion


We interviewed Cecilia Marmion, grandmother of Arielle Marmion. We asked Mrs. Marmion which medicinal plants she recommended most and why? She responded, "Chamomile tea because you can use it for babies. Also the Aloe Vera helps everybody, even animals." 

We also asked her, "¿Cómo puede usar alovera para animales? Cómo puede hacer para que puede comer la alovera?" She said, "Pues, no comen la alovera pero sí se usa para las quemadas." 

Our next question was, "Where do you get the medicinal plants that you use?" 

"You can get the plants at nurseries. You can also get them from people you know, and you can also plant them yourself." 

We asked, "¿Hay diferentes plantas que puedes usar por otro propósito?" She said, "Sí hay." 

We asked, "Which medicinal plants are also used as food?" She said, "When you use the corn to make corn on the cob you get the silk. You get it, you dry it, and when you need it because you have a kidney infection or something then you can boil the silk and drink the tea." 

We asked, "How do you get the silk into the tea?" 

She said, "What you do is, you take off the silk. You take it off. Then what you do is you put it outside to dry in the sun and then you save it in a plastic bag when it's dry. You have to make sure it's dry. Then when somebody has something wrong as far as like a kidney infection, the kidneys hurt, then you just get it, put it in water, boil it, and strain it and you sip it like a tea."

scurf pea/contra yerba blanca by Sean Sanderson
scurf pea/contra yerba blanca
by Sean Sanderson