Tucson Senior High School
Tucson Senior High School, 1944 
Subjects studied: English, Spanish, History, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Geography, Commercial, Mechanical Drawing, Economics and Civics. 

University of Arizona, College of Liberal Arts, 1947
Subjects studied: Spanish, National & State Constitution, Algebra, Chemistry, Trigonometry, Psychology, Social Studies, History, Philosophy, Speech, English and Business. 


College of Law
University of Arizona, College of Law, 1953
Subjects studied: Federal Jurisdiction & Venue, Common Law Pleading, Contracts, Torts, Personal Property, Criminal Law, Rights in Land, Agency, Equity, Bills and Notes, Damages, Trade Regulation, Mortgages, Partnership, Wills and Administration, Titles to Real Property, Sales, Evidence, Private Corporation, Constitutional Law, Legal Bibliography, Legal Profession, Trusts, Code Pleadings, Creditors' Rights, Water Rights, Taxation and Quasi-contracts.

Arizona Corporation Commission, Division of Insurance, 1955

Hill's Business School
Hill's Business School, 1956

Dale Carnegie Course
Dale Carnegie Course, 1958  Effective Speaking, Leadership Training, and Human Relations
Good Samaritan Hospital, 1964. Basic Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Terminology
Collegium Neotarianum Philosophiae
Collegium Neotarianum Philosophiae, 1965  Doctor of Philosophy (non-academic)