Eulalia Bourne

Lee Bell Taylor's Christmas greeting from Eulalia Bourne, 1942
Lee Bell Taylor's Christmas greeting
from Eulalia Bourne, 1942


Eulalia "Sister" Bourne had such an influence on the Little Cowpunchers, that as our project progressed, we discovered more people to interview. In addition, the Little Cowpunchers provided us with photographs from their youth, some of which included Ms. Bourne. Besides being a teacher, Eulalia Bourne was an author and rancher. She was active in Arizona politics and made a lasting impression on those who met her.

Eulalia Bourne wrote three biographical accounts of her life as rancher and school teacher, each published by the University of Arizona Press: Woman in Levi's, (1967) and Nine Months is a Year at Baboquívari School (1968) [follow the links to online versions provided by the U of A Press and the U of A Library] and Ranch Schoolteacher (1974). She also wrote a children's book entitled Blue Colt (1979), about an eleven-year-old boy living on an Arizona ranch named Manuel who cares for a colt while its owner is away. Read a short biographical account of Eulalia Bourne on the Little Cowpuncher: Rural School Newspaper of Southern Arizona.