Barrio Anita Ties

Blood, Marriage, and Compadrazgo

map of  Barrio Anitaby Vanessa Medeiros

The following people were all living in Barrio Anita in the fifties. These are the ways in which they were connected:

1. Godoy/Monreal. Maria de Jesus Urias Monreal, daughter of Virginia Urias and Jose Monreal, married Albino Godoy.

2. Aguirre/Cancio. Manuela Urias Cancio, daughter of Guadalupe Urias and Juan Cancio, married Juan Aguirre, son of Fabian Aguirre.

3 & 14. Tellez/Aguirre. In house #3, Fabian Aguirre lived with his wife Refugia Tellez. In house #14 was the home of Alfred Tellez and his family (see Tellez interview).

4. Acedo/Teliez. Related through marriage to the Tellez family.

5. Campas/Godoy. Federico Campas and Maria Gastelum, godparents of Teodoro Roberto Godoy, son of Maria Jesus Urias Monreal and Albino Godoy.

6. Villelas/Del Cid/Monreal. Manuel Villelas married Consuelo del Cid. Consuelo's sister, Socorro, married Guadalupe Monreal, the son of Virginia Urias Monreal.

7. Cruz/Ramos/Cancio. Luz Cancio Cruz, daughter of Guadalupe Urias and Juan Cancio, married Pascual Cruz. Francisca Cruz, daughter of Luz and Pascual, married Jose Arvayo Ramos.

8. Urias/Cancio/Monreal. Guadalupe Urias married Juan Cancio. She was also the sister of Virginia Urias Monreal.

9. Fraijo/Urias/Ortiz. Isabel Ortiz, daughter of Angelita Urias Ortiz and Francisco Ortiz, married Abraham Fraijo.

10. Hernandez/Ochoa/Godoy. Ricardo, son of Tomas Hernandez and Guadalupe Ochoa Hernandez, married Manuela Godoy, daughter of Maria de Jesus Urias Monreal and Albino Godoy.

11. Urias/Monreal. Virginia Urias, widow of Jose Monreal.

12. Gonzales/Urias. Rafael Urias Gonzalez was Virginia Urias Monreal's nephew. He was a son of her half sister.

13. Armenta/Urias. Aurelia Urias married Alejandro Armenta. Aurelia is the daughter of Jesus Maria Urias, son of a nephew of Virginia Urias Monreal.

15. Cruz/Samorano. Ramona Cruz, daughter of Luz and Pascual Cruz, married Rodolfo Samorano.

Source: Jorge Godoy interviews, 6/19/98 and 6/26/98.

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