The University Neighborhood

A Personal Journal by Patricia Stephenson

Patricia Peters Stephenson in 1990 with some of the diaries used to research her 1990 book. PPS
Patricia Peters Stephenson in 1990
with some of the diaries used to
research her 1990 book. PPS

The University Neighborhood A Personal Journey by Patricia Stephenson brings us the perfect accompaniment to Ms. Stephenson's Tom Marshall's Tucson. Ms. Stephenson's parents lived at 819 East First Street before she was born and continued living there long after she graduated from the University of Arizona. Both Tom Marshall's Tucson and The University Neighborhood are compiled from original photographs and previously unpublished, original sources.

In The University Neighborhood, Ms. Stephenson shares her family's story. In the process she brings us the history of the UA neighborhood from the close of the nineteenth century to 1990. As she likes to say, Louise Foucar Marshall was like a third grandmother to her. Because of this, you will also read about Louise and Tom Marshall, especially Louise Foucar Marshall's role in developing the university neighborhood which was so much a part of Ms. Stephenson youth and early adult years. Undoubtedly, The University Neighborhood website will bring back a flood of memories to many UA alumni.

This website is based upon the book Ms. Stephenson published in 1990, A Personal Journey Through the Univeristy Neighborhood Built by Louise Foucar Marshall 1901 - 1951: Reviewed and Remembered by Patricia Peters Stephenson. Because it is now seventeen years since the book was published, we have looked for places to bring you, the reader, updated information.

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Throughout her book, Ms. Stephenson added her own hand-drawn sketches. Those shown in the website were scanned from a copy of her book and edited for the website. View the cover to Ms. Stephenson's 1990 book.

Front cover

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