Photo Notes

Rights & Permissions

As noted on the homepage, most of the photographs, maps, and drawings are © Patricia Peters Stephenson. Those images that are from photos owned by the UA Library's Special Collections are noted in the caption and the accession number, is provided when available. If you wish to contact Special Collections about any of their photos, include the accession number (when provided) in your query.

Patricia was unable to locate some photographs at the time that the website went public. In an effort to provide the visitor with as many images as possbile, pictures in her 1990 book were scanned. Unfortunately, some of these were simply of such poor quality that we faced the decision of including them or not including them. You may notice some images that are of signifcantly less quality than others. If you seen the code, FB, it indicates an image created by scanning the photo in the book. In a few cases, the image used on the page was the best possible and a retrievable copy is not provided. If Patricia finds any of these photos, they will be scanned and added to the website.

In her 1990 book, Patricia attribute credit to a photograph's photographer. The code provided in the legend below is used throughout the website to identify the original photographer. Remember, however, that Patricia owns nearly of these. Attribution to the UA Library Special Collections is provided in the caption.

Thomas Keith Marshall:TKM

Thomas Keith Marshall personal collection (photographer unknown):TKMPC

Louise Foucar Marshall personal collection (photographer unknown): LFM

Ivan Peters: IP

Wilma Croxen Peters: WCP

Edith Lamports: EL

Patricia Peters Stephenson: PPS

John Hirtz JH

Other: Stuart Glogoff SJG


Photos were scanned on an Epson Perfection 3170 Photo model scanner, at 200 dpi and saved to either JPEG or PSD file formats. Images were edited in Adobe Photoshop.


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