The Corner of First Street and Tyndall, 1905

Tom Marshall took a series of photographs in July and August 1905 to show the progress of building 935 and 943 North Tyndall Avenue. There were two houses still standing in 1990.

Map of University area

935 and 943 East Tyndall

Two homes at First and Tyndall, ~1910. The Santa Catalina Apartments can be seen between them. TKM
Two homes at First and Tyndall, ~1910. The Santa Catalina Apartments can be
seen between them. TKM

The angle on the above photograph is nearly identical to the homes that were on Euclid. The above picture dates from 1910, and a back porch has been made into a screen porch. In 1923 a duplex was built between the brick houses as shown in the 1990 photograph below.

Hand drawn sketch of houses on Tyndall

Same view of houses in 1995
The same Tyndall homes 1995, viewed from the bank parking lot. PPS
grading road
Grading First Steet, looking west toward Euclid with the Tucson Mountains in the
background. In the foreground is the dark volcanic stone wall that was in front of the
Byrd Brooks home. This particular wall was in place from the alley to Tyndall. The
duplex was demolished in 1990 for construction of an apartment house. TKM 

Land elevation is a factor to consider when choosing a site for a building. High areas that are not subject to flooding are a good location for a building; That is why Louise Foucar chose land along First Street. It is also interesting to note almost all her buildings faced south or east and toward the University.

If you look at the height of the retaining walls on lots with original buildings on them, you can get an idea of the elevation. Originally in the middle of the blocks between First Street and Speedway, there was an arroyo running from Olive Road to First Avenue, First Street was on higher ground.

Byrd Brooks home 1903
The Byrd Brooks' stone house. He was city treasurer, then a banker, the family lived there half
a century. By 1908 Louise Marshall was supplying the family with water. Since the pipe for the
Santa Catalina apartments went right by the house it was easy to do. The last use was for a
fraternity. TKM
Homes on Tyndall
Brick homes at 1011 and 1017 Tyndall about 1910. The Sigma Nu fraternity will be to
the right. All were replaced by an apartment; their address is now 1011 North Euclid.
To the right on the horizon a white building, Whitwell Sanatorium, can be faintly seen. TKM
Whitwell Hospital
Whitwell Sanatorium at the corner of Adams Street and First Avenue. By 1924 it was
the Tucson Arizona Sanitorium. In 1928 it was the Southern Methodist Hospital and
my birthplace. Mother said since I was the only baby in the nursery during the ten days
we spent in the hospital, there was no possibility of bringing home the wrong baby. TKM


Whitworth Apartments
In this 1990 photo, the hospital is now an apartment building. PPS


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