The Brick Barn and Carriage House

Marshall Home 1915
Tom Marshall dated this photo April 1915. It is one of a series of the century plant (right)
starting to bloom and a good picture of the driveway, stone wall and the dog looking out
the gate. TKM
Chico horse in 1915
Chico December 1911 is the caption written by Tom on the paper jacket of this print's glass
negative. "In front of Marshall’s barn" was added by my father. It is also another photograph
of the Marshall’s dog. TKM
Bales of hay
The brick barn/carriage house and hay loft. I remember looking out that upper door
and imagining hay being put in the loft. It looked so different from my Grandfather's
barn on the Iowa farm. Note the metal garden bench, one about like that was still at
the Catalina apartments in 1989. TKM


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