The Book Store and Gift Shop

Original bookstore
The University Book Store was one of the four original University Square stores. In the
1924 city directory, Miss Hester L. Hunter is listed as a secretary at the University and as
proprietor of the Rental Library and Gift Shop, 939 East Third Street. At this time Miss
Hunter lived in a Marshall-owned brick house at 1011 North Tyndall, moved before 1926.
Her brother Robert (Robin) had the co-op bookstore at the UA. The University Book Store
soon became Robin Hunter's Bookstore. By 1937 her bookstore was in the Cannon/Douglass
home on Speedway, University Bookstore became Steinheimers. TKMPC


University Gift shop
The University Gift Shop sold elegant gifts, hand-made special-order place cards
and bridge favors, paintings and etchings by local artists. Louise purchased gifts and
managed the store for twenty years beginning in 1927. Her diary records many buying trips
to Los Angeles. After it ceased operation, that store became the location of the B and J
Student Store featuring clothing with university logos. TKMPC


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