At the Front of the House

In June 1928 my parents moved into the west side of the duplex numbered 819. The number for the east side was 821 East First Street. In 1934 we needed more room because of the rental office in our home, so a porch was added to the back of both apartments. In 1944, Mrs. Marshall said we could have the entire duplex. The resident on the east side was offered another duplex to rent, but chose to move elsewhere. The living room walls were removed and the duplex became one home.

It was a beautiful home for us and I had many happy memories of time spent there. In the 1930s Mrs. Marshall had deeded much property (First Street, Euclid to Park) to the Marshall Foundation, so in 1945 when she was making a retirement settlement to my parents, the house at 819 was not hers to give, so she gave my parents a house on Palm Road. That house was taken in University expansion in 1956. My mother preferred to remain at 819, as it had been her home for so long, but she moved from the neighborhood in 1972.

Visit with cousins in 1929 Fred and Charles Croxen. ELC
Visit with cousins in 1929 Fred and Charles Croxen. ELC
First grade
Leaving 819 to go to school for the first day in the first grade,
September 1934, preparing to enroll in University Heights Elementary School. IP
Seventh Birthday
Seventh birthday, July 6, 1935 and a party with neighborhood friends. From left are:
unidentified, Lesghinka Van Hulse, Laura Faye Clayton, Aziyade Van Hulse, Patricia Peters
and Edna Kennedy. WCP
High school 1943
Walking to high school 1943. Middle two girls in front row are Midge Forester
and Cynthia Perry. We three rode our bikes together to junior high but walked with
more friends to high school. WCP
Senior Year
High school seniors and fathers 1946. Left to right; my father, myself, cousin
LeRoy (Pete) Peters and his father, my Uncle Chester Peters. They and Aunt
Louella came for a visit from Greeley Colorado. Pete is my only Peters first
cousin. He was to be a freshman at the University of Colorado. WCP


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