This non-book is the result of an uncontrollable urge to put on paper a lifetime's collection of incidents, most amusing, in which I have been involved in one way or another.

Several friends urged me to "write them down." In the summer of 1976, June to be exact, I had the time, the urge, the paper and a typewriter. In fact, it was more than an urge. It was compulsion I could not resist. I have been compelled often in the past to write a Letter to the Editor or to someone, to get something off my chest.

Many times I felt a great relief after putting on paper whatever was bothering me, even though I never mailed the letter. At least it was off my mind.

The feeling about writing the material you find between these covers was more compelling. It just had to come out ... I guess like a pregnant woman. And once it was out I felt much better, I was relieved.

I did nothing more about the matter until recently ... I didn't have to, it was off my mind. Then I thought that I'd have a few copies made for my family and friends. You have one in your hands. I hope you'll enjoy what you read. I don't expect anyone to read it all.

A best-seller it is not! Don't expect too much. Call it an ego trip or anything you wish. I have taken many trips in my lifetime. I can afford another one, even if it is an ego trip. Please forgive an old man for indulging himself.

Roy P Reachman

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