Yaqui Norteño Music

Los Hermanos Cuatro, Tucson Meet Yourself Festival October 10, 1993 TMY-1993/R-3-T

Participants: The Yucopicio brothers

In his introduction, Peter Yucopicio told the audience that Los Hermanos Cuatro performed "northern" norteño music which usually consists of an accordian, an electric bass, and a bajo sexto. His older brother listened to their uncles living in the Phoenix area play, and show the other brothers how to play each instrument -- bass, drums, guitar and accordian. They are all self-taught and do not play with sheet music. In fact, he said, "we don't even know what tone or note we're singing. We just know that it comes out by heart."

In the Mood
Introduction to norteño music and performance of La Puerta Negra
La Cumbia del Sol
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