Violin Voices

Traditional Music from the Old Pueblo

Violin Voices, Traditional Music of the Old Pueblo is an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM, and a one-hour VHS tape, featuring music and culture of the southwest. This Southwest Series, Inc. production has been supported by the Tucson Pima Arts Council, NEA, and the Lila Wallace Fund for Folk Arts.

Violin Voices, Traditional Music of the Old Pueblo uses the music of the violin to examine the interaction of four cultures with historical ties to Tucson and southern Arizona: Mariachi; Country and Western Swing; Tohono O'odham Waila, or Chickenscratch; and Apache Violin.

  Cuco Del Cid demonstrates his virtuosity on the violin with Mariachi de la Fuente
  Edsel Smith plays country fiddle with some friends and wesern swing with the Ranch Hands
  Edmund Wilson plays Waila music with the San Xavier Fiddle Band.
  Chesley Wilson shows us how to make and play the Apache Violin.

Dr. James S. Griffith is the host and guide, conducting the interviews and introducing the musicians and their cultures on the videotape and providing commentary and insight throughout the CD-ROM hypermedia environment. This original collection of ethnomusicology data includes: master musicians sharing music and recalling their musical tradition; in-depth interviews; transcriptions of the interviews (some portions are bilingual); maps; an illustrated timeline; archival photos; and performances.

The CD-ROM includes material from the video and represents a substantial contribution to the community's collection of digitized heritage materials. That collection includes archival photographs from the collections of the Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona State Museum. To purchase a copy of the CD-ROM, the Video or for other Southwest Series, Inc., educational media products, visit the Southwest Series, Inc. website.

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