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Tubac Through Four Centuries

Follow the navigation links in the above banner image to display the Table of Contents or return to the homepage. The Table of Contents provides links to Dr. Dobyns' history of Tubac.

The original edition of Tubac Through Four Centuries was prepared by the Arizona State Parks Board during the creation of the Tubac Presidio Historical State Park. The Board commissioned the Arizona State Museum to "compile, organize, and summarize all available historical material which concerned Tubac Presidio, from its creation until it ceassed to exist as a military fort." This project was undertaken by Dr. Dobyns as a 1959 report entitled: Tubac Through Four Centuries: An Historical Resume and Analysis.

The contents of this Web version was created from a version reformatted by the Tubac Presidio State Historical Park in August 1995. (Read, Notes On The 1995 Reformat for more information.) Dr. Dobyns corrected that version and enhanced it by adding Spanish diacritic marks. David Shaul entered Dr. Dobyns corrections and the Spanish diacritics thereby creating an updated MS Word version.

During the summer of 1997, the Microsoft Word files were converted to HTML and edited. Few changes have been made to the format. Mostly, the chapters were arbitrarily divided into smaller files to facilitate access by readers using modem connections. Tables were created as HTML files and, in most cases, linked within the chapters. The first online version was released in August 1997 and a revision conducted in August 1999. The August 1999 revision mostly addressed navigation issues, reformatted pages, and other "cosmetic" changes to the work's appearance. It also was when meta tags were added to the homepage.

The version you see today reflects a redesigned interface and additional edits. Andrew Bareham, a student assistant in the UA Learning Technologies Center, created the interface. The banner atop each page was designed from the Urrutia Map of Tubac: December 1766-January 1767. [view an image of the map 600 X 470 59K]

Visitors who find typos or spacing errors that have missed being corrected, are asked to email us with the page name and approximately where to find the typo.

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