This Report is Dedicated to
Who Envisioned
What We Natives Took for Granted
The bibliography at the end of this report discloses the wide range of published and manuscript sources from which it is drawn. The references there cannot express the appreciation of the author to the many individuals who have made available the documents cited.

First place in this list of persons and institutions who have made this report possible easily goes to the Bancroft Library at the University of California at Berkeley, and its Director Dr. George P. Hammond, by whose permission that repository has been ransacked for pertinent information. Over half the research time of this project entailed use of materials in the Bancroft Library collections, and this report shows a proportionately large number of citations to those materials (all documents from the Archivo General de Indias at Seville were consulted on the Bancroft Library's microfilm copies, for example). Mrs. Julia McCloud, Mrs. Vivian C. Fisher and Miss Leonarda Marie Ignacki of the Bancroft Library staff have been particularly helpful and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged, along with that of other staff members upon whose time less imposition was made.

Second most important depository of information utilized in this report is the Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society, utilized by virtue of membership in the Society and permission of the Historical Secretary Miss Eleanor B. Sloan. Mrs. Sadie Schmidt rendered stalwart assistance in her customary pleasant style.

Others to whom the author is indebted for information include: Dr. Paul H. Ezell for documents from the Archivo General y Público de la Nación in Mexico City; Sr. Fernando Pesqueira, Director of the Museo del Estado de Sonora, for permission to utilize the Archivo Histórico de Sonora, and Sr. Vega for access to the executive branch section; His Excellency Dr. Juan M. Navarette, Bishop of Sonora, and the very cooperative priests at the Cathedral in Hermosillo for access to early administrative records of the Diocese of Sonora; His Excellency Dr. Daniel J. Gerke, Bishop of Tucson, for permission to consult materials in the archive of the Diocese of Tucson; Pbro. José Santos Saenz and José Jesús Contreras for access to the parish archive of Magdalena, Sonora; Pbro. Roberto Gonzalez for access to the parish archive of Altar, Sonora; to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ivancovich, Mr. Bernard Fontana, Rev. Luis Baldonado, and Mr. Alden W. Jones. Many of their courtesies extend back for some years, since not all the materials utilized in this report have been gathered during the period of research sponsored by the Arizona State Parks Board, which has benefited from a stockpile of previous research sponsored by the Papago Tribal Council and the author.

Dr. Emil W. Haury, Director of the Arizona State Museum, has materially aided production of this report by his intelligent administration of the Museum's project for the State Parks Board. Mrs. Vearl Galbraith of the Museum staff has contributed greatly to the peace of mind of the author. So has Dr. Cara E. Richards, the author's patient wife, who also assisted in collecting information at Hermosillo.

To one and all, thank you.

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