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General African-American History Resources

The Africans in America Website
A companion to Africans in America, a six-hour public television series. The Web site chronicles the history of racial slavery in the United States.
African American History Challenge
Biographies of 19th century African-Americans with self-tests
African-American Mosaic Exhibition
Contains a wide variety of information on the African-American experience (by the Library of Congress. Consult the list of projects available on the Library of Congress' American Memory web site. There are always new sites, some which pertain to the African American experience.)
African Americans in History
Includes short biographies on several prominent African Americans
Black History
The San Diego BLAACK Pages (Basic Link to African American Community Knowledge!)
The Constitution's 14th Amendment
A Hotlist on Black History: AT&T's Knowledge Network Explorer
Guided activities to support students as they explore a wide variety of topics related to Black history
National Civil Rights Museum
"virtual tour" of the museum
Online University-African American History

Specialized African-American History Resources

African-American Warriors
Information on African-Americans in the military.
Amistad Links
Detailed look at the Amistad revolt and trial
African American History in the American West: Research Guides and Websites supports your web research with an excellent list of websites devoted to the subject.
Black Wings: African American Pioneer Aviators
"Black Wings tells the story of how one group of Americans overcame enormous obstacles to break into aviation. African Americans shared the universal dream of flight. But for almost 50 years after the Wright brothers' historic flight in 1903, racial discrimination denied black Americans access to this important sphere of technology."
Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences
Lists of African American scientists in a wide number of scientific disciplines
Great African Americans in the Sciences
Another list of "African American scientists that have made some of the most significant contributions to modern science"
The Museum of Black Inventors
"Mission Statement: To operate exclusively for educational purposes through promoting and displaying African American inventions that influence and affect the social awareness of the contributions that helped build this great nation."
USA People Search's The Underground Railroad
Scope: "Although essentially a dot com site that has nothing to do with the Underground Railroad, it has 15 links to websites about it. Well worth visiting."
Riversider is an excellent example of what a community can develop to honor those African Americans who "stood at the forefront, breaking through the barriers of injustice and inequality, creating opportunities where none previously existed, and dedicating their lives to making Riverside, California a better place to live."
Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development
"We encourage youth to reach their highest potential through the rosa parks philosophy of "Quiet Strength." Quiet Strength incorporates life skills that demonstrate dignity with pride, courage with perseverance and power with discipline in a comfortable environment of peace."
The Underground Railroad: All About the Freedom Train
An extensive list to over 40 resources on the Web covering these major topics Escaping SlaveryUnderground Railroad Operations, and Notable People of the Underground.

Other Tucson African American Websites

Africana Studies Program at the University of Arizona
"To enhance the general academic quality of the University through a comprehensive program of learning and study about the people of African descent in the Americas and around the globe, and in so doing promoting an educational ethos of cultural and ethnic diversity."
The Dunbar Project Website
"... the Dunbar Coalition is launching a Capital Funding Campaign to secure the finances needed to complete the Dunbar Project. Members of the Coalition hope you will support the project financially and join us in preserving this historic building, while helping to revitalize one of Tucson's oldest neighborhoods, while accurately portraying the role of the Black cowboy, the Buffalo Soldier and Black pioneers in the settlement of the southwest.
SABINE Southern Arizona Information, News, and Events
"To address the need for information and resources for the African American community here in Tucson, this website was developed and launched by Barney Hilton Murray of BHM Photography and Video. Its mission is to provide current content for local residents, as well as those considering visiting or relocating to the Tucson area."
Tucson Black Pages
Online directory of African American businesses serving Southern Arizona
Tucson's-Ebony City: We Exist to Serve Our CommunUNITY
Developed on the Ning social network: "Tucson's Ebony City we want to work with you, the Community, to find that position of strength. Let us seek those things which bind us rather than those things which keep us apart. Both are important but the End Goal is CommUNITY.

Other Tucson Ethnic Communities

Through our Parents' Eyes: History & Culture of Southern Arizona
Links to approximately thirty discrete websites focusing on the history and culture of this region.

Comprehensive African-American sites

Black Collegian Online
Online career site for students of color. Contains a job bank, a place to post resumes, a guide to graduate and professional schools, news, and issues of interest to people of color

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