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Direct descendant of Alferez Jose Maria Sosa (1746-1800) and Dona Rita Espinosa de Sosa (d. 1820). Benson born in 1921; lived briefly at the Redington homestead ranch. In 1922, parents and four siblings travelled by wagon to Mesa, AZ. C.1925, parents and now five siblings, migrated to California via railroad.

Attended Wilmington Park elementary and Phineas Banning High at Wilmington, CA; family returned to Arizona; graduated with the first class (1940) at North Phoenix High School. Enlisted in the Navy; qualified for Naval Reserve Officers Training (NROTC); graduated from land grant Pennsylvania State College (now University) Class of 1946, BA degree and a U.S. Naval commission. 
Began a 30 year textile career in New York City; included were residencies in the Philippines and Indonesia. Business travels were routine to the Caribbean, South America, and South Africa as an Export Representative / Export Manager.

Company transfer to California in 1962 as west coast manager, returned this Arizonan from the east to the west. Retirement from textiles in 1975, was followed by a 15 year Realtor career in Pasadena CA.

Final retirement in 1990, provided the time to research subjects of compelling interest, namely family genealogy, and Arizona homestead history.

Edward Soza
March 1999

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