Inventory of Soza Related Documents

Computerized Inventory of Documents 
Documentary Relations of the Southwest 
University of Arizona
November 19, 1994

Name Serial # Date
Castano De Sosa, Gaspar
Report on his entry into New Mexico territory
030-00032 07-27-1590
Sosa, Fernando De (General) 
Orders regarding fishing in California
030-00107 05-31-1619
Sosa, Manuel 
Reports on various military actions around La Babia 08-18-1773
041-00533 07-24-1773
Sosa, Joseph De 
Military needs at San Antonio Bexar, Texas
041-00838 05-00-1740
Sosa, Andres De 
Charges against Capt. Nicolas Flores Y Valdes. 
Presidio San Antonio Bexar, Texas
041-00840 03-18-1724
Sosa, Gabriel 
Indian rebellion and military incompetence. 
Presa Del Rey, Land Grants.
041-00966 06-19-1789
Sosa, Tam (soldado) 
Personality dispute. Saltillo, Santa Rosa, Monclova
041-11450 10-19-1773
Sosa, Joseph Maria 
Military personnel. Chihuahua
041-01494 08-23-1792
Sosa, Josef Maria (sargento) 
Military appointments. Chihuahua/Buenavista
San Carlos De (Presidio) Fronteras, San Agustin Del Tucson
041-02052 00-00-1789
Sosa, Joseph Maria (sargento) 
Military personnel appointments. Chihuahua
041-02090 04-16-1788
Sosa, Gertrudio 
Court Cases Documents. Guadalajara.
List of prisoners at Durango.
041-02291 08-12-1776
Sosa, Jose Maria (sargento) 
Letters regarding Anti-Apache campaign. 
Chihuahua, Fronteras Presidio
041-03250 06-11-1788
Rodrigues De Sosa, Juan Antonio 
Disputes on cattle brand permits. Sayula
041-03674 11-20-1781
Sosa, Francisco De 
Various items: rents, imminent domain recompense, 
prisoners maintenance cost. Mexico city
041-03799 12-16-1799
Sosa, Salvador 
Sosa, Gertrudis DE
Sosa Pardo, Francisco Xavier DE
General Jose De Escandon herd count of cattle and 
Spanish census in San Fernando 1752-3. San Fernando 
De Queretaro, Nuevo Santander. 
Census 0-1-01-1751 to 03-03-1753
041-04048 01-11-1751
Sosa, Francisco De 
Report by Col. Jose De Escandon re North Territory 
exploration of "Sen Mexicano". Tamaulipa La Vieja, 
Voca De Santa Rosa, Mexico, Queretaro.
041-04143 01-30-1747
Sosa, Francisco De 
Final report of first expedition to "Sen Mexicano"
by Col. Jose De Escandon.
041-04144 10-26-1747
Sosa, Francisco De (Captain) 
Col. Jose De Escandon exploration and plan for 
colonization od "Sen Mexicano". Queretaro
041-04145 10-28-1747
Sosa, Francisco De 
Preach to Chichimecas, Escandon's proposal for 
settlements "Sen Mexicano" and re-occupying Las Canoas,
Villa De Valles, Aquison, Mexico
041-04146 03-08-1746
Sosa, Francisco De 
Sosa, Domingo De
Inventory of villages and mission of the 
"Sen Mexicano" List of families, etc.
Mexico, Nuevo Santander
041-04151 0527-1753
Sosa, Julio De 
Mission and presidio in Tejas province and need for
Spaniards settlers rather than French. Reports of 
French spy incursions up the Rio Grande, Tejas province.
041-04190 07-00-1684
Sosa, Manuel De 
Summary of troops in Province of Occidente 
under command of Jose Maria De La Pedraza.
041-04250 09-02-1816
Sosa, Manuel 
Sale of horses by Spanish. Herding large number 
of mules, and horses for sale to U.S. citizens.
041-04265 10-27-1819

Sosa, Julian 
Indian raids in Nueva Vizcaya. List Spaniards killed.
041-04301 03-13-1789
Sosa, Gertruda 
List of personnel in nine presidios of Sonora.
041-04560 09-01-1817
Diaz De Sosa, Juan Antonio, 
Will of Capt., Joseph De Olazaran.
Aguayo, Santa Maria De
041-05400 03-22-1756
Sosa, Manuela 
Report of payments to soldiers at Presidio of Tucson per Royal decree 04-20-1815. Report by Manuel Ygnacio De Arvizu.
041-05400 12-31-1817
Sosa, Juan 
Military monetary awards based on service.
Durango, Janos, San Elzeario
041-05631 10-04-1766
Sosa, Antonio De 
Card game raid, names published.
San Jose Del Parral (Real)
100-00068 01-06-1633
Sosa, Fernando De (General) 
Difficulties with Bishop in Nueva Vizcaya. 
Contacts with the enemies of Royal Law.
San Jose Del Parral, Durango
100-00276 09-07-1649
Sosa, Bernardo De 
Captured indian spy Juan Diego, escapes.
San Jose Del Parral
100-00806 10-29-1657
Sosa, Juan De 
Census and inspection of the area as to mines, etc.
San Jose Del Parral
100-01386 11-04-1716
Sosa, Luis De 
(Captain and Justice Mayor)
Spaniards entering Indian villages, contrary to law.
Fine 200 pesos and 200 lashes.
San Jose Del Parral
100-01390 01-18-1718
Sosa, Juan De (Captain) 
Claim against the estate of Juan DE Soza by
Diego Gonzales De La Herran
San Antonio De Julimes/San Jose Del Parral
100-01545 01-24-1729
Sosa, Bartholome De 
Land rental dispute with Jesuit college.
San Phelipe El Real
100-01549 03-31-1729
Sosa, Jose Miguel De 
Cabo De Escuadra De San Antonio Presidio
San Fernando De Bexar, Texas
Inspection and inventory of irrigable land 
and water allocation
210-00053 06-16-1749
Sosa, Jose Miguel De (Cabo)
Assassination plot Hoyo vs. Ximenez
Presidio San Antonio Bexar
300-00202 05-22-1735
Sosa, Jose Miguel De 
Sosa, Jose De (soldados)
Power of Attorney granted by soldiers to 
collect salaries for soldiers and pay taxes at
San Antonio Bexar Presidio.
300-00205 09-25-1735
Sosa, Andres De
Sosa, Jose Miguel De (Cabo) 
Petition to exile Trabieso and Arroyo for 
corruption and mismanagement. Also to retain
Junco y Espriella as governor.
San Fernando, Mexico
300-00239 07-19-1749
Sosa, Jose Miguel De 
Complaint by soldiers on maltreatment at the
hands of some soldiers and sergeant
Presidio San Antonio Bexar
300-00242 08-22-1749
Sosa, Jose Miguel De 
Murder of indian and soldier. Infidelity
Soldier consorting with slain indian's wife.
San Antonio Bexar
300-00251 05-23-1752
Sosa, Juan De 
Captain Luis Antonio Menchaca 
killed by Sosa when Sosa was confronted
with Menchaca's wife. Sosa absolved.
Penalty: 25 masses for Menchaca's soul,
San Antonio Bexar
300-00522 04-19-1772
Sosa, Josef De 
Mentioned in Will by 
Juan Jose Flores De Abrego.
San Fernando Villa
300-00945 06-06-1779
Sosa, Francisco Xavier De 
Report of arrival of Tancagua 
indians at Presidio San Antonio De Bexar
300-01782 10-27-1787
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