Historical Notes on Soza Individuals

Historical Notes on Soza Individuals

Random Historical Notes

Poet Baltasar del Alcazar (1530-1606), in his poem CENA JOCOSA Oxford, Clarendon Press wrote about Lope De Sosa and his wife Ines, and that they lived in Jaen.

Lope de Sosa and his wife Dona Ines Cabrera were from Cordoba. Lope was a appointed Governor of Tierra Firme, Castiila de Oro, Old Panama. Previously Sosa was Acting Governor of the Canary Islands and his son Juan Alonso Sosa, their oldest son was with him. Juan Alonso Sosa, later in 1530 was appointed Royal Treasurer, Mexico City, Nueva Espana. F 1231 I2

Juan Alonso de Sosa, Hidalgo, Poblador de Cordoba. Parents:
Lope de Sosa and Dona Ines de Cabrera. Thus far, this is the earliest Sosa arrival in the new world. He arrived in Mexico City 1530. He had been in Tierra Firme from 1521 with his father, Governor Lope de Sosa.

In 1530 Juan Alonso Sosa became Royal Treasurer of Nueva Espana. He married Ana Estrada, daughter of the former Royal Treasurer. Sosa received several grants of tributes, which reverted to the Crown when the law was changed. Public official could not any longer receive tributes from encomienderas.

Sosa was also active in silver mining, and mining ventures with Cortes. Robert Himmerich y Valencia U of Texas, Austin F 1230 H56 1991

"In 1536-1537 Pedro de Sosa appeared as Inquisition witness against Gonzalo Gomez.

In 1558, in the fourth Inquisition trial of Diego de Morales, the proceso informs that Diego de Morales was the paternal grandfather of Licenciado Bernabe de Sosa, holder of the encomienda of Mazatenaga, and that Sosa was an applicant for a position with the Holy Office."

Alfonso Albornos Sosa b. 1549 Mexico 
Father: Francisco de Sosa Albornos

Gaspar Castano de Sosa 1590 Nuevo Leon & Nuevo Mexico

Francisco de Sosa Penalosa, native of the city of Avila in Castile, son of Francisco Penalosa, Lt Gov., Capt. Gen. and inspector gene. Wife is Dona Eufenia. Sons Francisco de Sosa Penalosa 24, Estevan Illan de Soza 21, married to Dona Juana Arguello. Daughter Dona Juana de Trejo, married to Capt. Diego de Zubia, purveyor of this army.

Capt. Alonso de Sosa Albornoz, native of Mexico, son of Francisco de Sosa Albornoz. With Onate Expedition of 1598. George P. Hammond

"Recruitment of soldiers in New Mexico for service in Sonora in the XV11 Century.

Three Routes important in the settlement of Northern Mexico and Sonora:

1. Costal Camino Real or Ruta de Cibol Guadalajara, San Sabastian, Culican, Ures, Benson etc. Eventually the route went through Ures, Arizpe, Fronteras, Tubac, and to San Francisco, California.

2. Inland route Parral, Durango, Parral, Chihuahua, El Paso, Santa Fe.

3. Santa Fe, El Paso, Casa Grandes, Janos, Fronteras, Sonora
Eventually a route connected the 22 presidios from California to Texas." Mange, Juan Matheo

In 1680. "Perea hubo de acudir a Nuevo Mexico solo para traer como pobladores doce hombres, de la familia de los Perea Granillo-"padres y tios de mi consorte " dice Manje - descendiente de companeros de Onate

"In the vespera of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 in Mew Mexico there were about 3 mil espanoles y alli se dirigio el andaluz Perea a buscar gente para cubrir las plazas de soldados que se habria prometido mantener en su jurisdicion: y es muy significante que para traer ventecinco soldados hubiese de traer doce de la gobernacion del rio Grande." . Ibid

In 1684 Domingo Julian de Sosa, a soldier accompanied Admiral Don Isidro de Atondo and Father Eusebio F. Kino on ill fated attempts to settle, colonize and evangelize at San Bruno, Baja California They took 30 soldiers from the Presidio of Sinaloa .
Domingo Julian Sosa is mentioned as a soldier and very good farmer.

Nicolasa Sosa (widow) 1706 N.E. of Arizpe
Francisca Sosa (daughter) 1706 N.E. of Arizpe

Alferez Jose Maria Sosa b. 1746 Jecori, Sonora 
Extended family of Don Jose Maria Sosa and Dona Rita Espinosa on file at Arizona Historical Society, Tucson.

October 31, 1760 Sergeant Miguel de Sosa accomplice with Capt. Felipe de Rabago y Teran in murder of Fr. Ganzabal at Mission Candelaria on San Xavier River, (Texas). Case reversed by Fiscal Domingo Valcarcel and absolved. Rafael Sosa 40, his wife Eufrasia 20, children: Juan 13, Maria Guadalupe 6, Juan 4, Maria Ignacia 9 months, all from Camargo. 
1807 Jose Miguel de Sosa, from interior of Mexico, resident of Acambaro. Francisco de Sosa, 18 of Bexar. Both listed

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