Historical References to Sosa Surname

Historical References to Sosa Surname

Sosa, Lope De is significant because it is about Lope De Sosa and his wife Dona Ines Cabrera. Lope De Sosa was the Governor of the Canary Islands 1505 - 1519, and later Appointed Governor of Darien (Old Panama) These are the parents of Juan Alonso De Sosa, Royal Treasurer, Nueva Espana appointed in 1530, served until 1555. P/213 On arrival May 20, 1520 at Castilla de Oro, Sosa gave the order to disembark, repaired to his cabin to dress for the occasion, was taken ill and expired. (Anderson 1911)

Sosa, Dona Isabel De

Sosa, Dona Maria De

Sosa, Juana De

Sosa, Juan Alonso De

Sosa, Gaspar Castano De 

Sosa Penalosa, Captain Francisco De (Hammond & Rey 1953) P/672 Proceedings of Lt Gov Francisco De Sosa Penalosa breaking Camp at San Gabriel September 7, 1601 Count of Monterrey, Viceroy of New Spain, San Gabriel, October 1, 1601 P/105 Onate satisfied Sosa could manage. (Simon 1991) P/200 Francisco Yllan De Sosa and Estevan De Sosa were in the attack at Acoma. (Villagra 1610 - Espinosa 1933)

Sosa Penalosa, Francisco De

Sosa, Estevan Illan De

Sosa Albornoz, Captain Alonso De

Sosa Penalosa, Dona Euphemia De

Sosa, Fray Francisco De

Sosa, Juan De

Sossa Sossa is a another derivation of Sosa. (Smith, F.J.)

Sosa Albornoz, Captain Alonso De

Sosa, Alonso de

Sosa, Francisco de (Powell 1952)

Sosa, Fray Francisco de Pt 1, P172 1890.

Sosa, Fray Francisco De Recommends bishopric for New Mexico 1631. (Hammond, ed. 1945)

Sosa, Domingo Julian de (Bolton 1984)

Sosa, Fray Mariano de Sosa was Curate of Nacogdoches reported and complained of educational problems in East Texas in 1810. He stated that parents lacked education themselves and could not lay proper foundation for their sons. Sosa contended that what was needed was public school of christian education. Criticized soldier conduct. (Oakah 1979)
Sosa, Miguel de Miguel was with Leyva escort at Guadalupe de Paso when Pueblos rebelled in 1680. In 1681, he passed muster with a family of 7 persons, 20 years, married, and native of New Mexico (Oakah 1979)

Sosa, Miguel Accomplice in murder 1752

Sosa Ranch

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