BLM Bureau of Land Management
CFD Chief, 6th Field Division
C Certificate
CE Cash Entry
CERT Certificate
COMM Commissioner
DIGEST Digest of Public Land Laws
DS Declaratory Statement
EVID. Evidence
FC Final Certificate
GLO General Land Office
HD Homestead Entry
HE Homestead Entry
MIN. Mining Application
NON-MIN Non Mineral Affidavit
NP Notary Public
NAPSWR National Archives, Pacific Southwest Region
  Laguna Niguel, California
PR Preference Right
R&R Register & Receiver
REG. Registered Mail
RELING. Relinquished
STATUTES U S Statutes - At - Large
S/T/R Section / Township / Range
USCOMM United States Commissioner, General Land Office
xx Double minimum land @ $2.50 per acre.
x Record location
y Record location
z Record location
# Applicant appears more than once.
Part of which site