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1. #52790 Portrait of Antonio Campa Soza 1845-1915, Duplicates #22790 and #64580 c.1914.

2. Pen & Ink drawing by José Cisneros, El Paso, Tx; commissioned for the 1994 Soza Family Reunion at Tempe, Az. Original drawing 20x24 will be donated to the AHS

3. Genealogical research by Edward Soza, Calligraphy by Mary Little Seigfried, Pasadena, Ca

4. Father Kino, Kino Highway, Tucson, Az.
During 1697-1701 Father Kino traveled down the San Pedro River, and visited several Sobaipuris Indian villages. One prominent village site, Baicatcan, is described as having been near Sosa's ranch. (Bolton 1984 P/364).

In Another description, (Sauer P/29-31) states that the main village population records are found in an earlier work by Kino's companion Manaje. In this work, Manaje states that their were 14 villages along the river. "In 1697 Father Kino, Manaje and others made an expedition down the San Pedro. Down river more than 2000 Sobaipuris were located."

5. El Embudo appears in Rim of Christendom by Herbert Eugene Bolton, University of Arizona Press 1984 P/364.

In 1936, Bolton retraces a 1697 trip by Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, along the San Pedro River when Kino visited a dozen or so Sobaipuris Indian villages. Baicatcan is described in Bolton's words: "It was five miles north of Cascabel, at about Sosa's Ranch, where there is a fertile river bottom now under cultivation."

Bolton further states that "between El Embudo, just south of Redington, and the mouth of Arivaipa Creek, a stretch of some thirty-five miles, there were no less than ten villages."

6. Rudo Ensayo English translation by Pradeau and Rasmussen P/123 cites Jecori as a mediocre (medium) settlement of Spaniards two leagues south of Jamaica.

Rudo Ensayo, Spanish text published by Instituto National de Antropolgia e Historia, Mexico 1977 Tecori spelling for Jecori: Capitulo 11, Parrafo 12, P/43 ... una leagua al norte de Cumpas, en un ojo de agua, y se aumenta con algunos otros que se le juntan en Xamaica (Jamaica), Tecori, Oposura, Terapa ....


8. Sosa, Soza families. The name began as Sosa, but in the 1870's for some inexplicable reason or purpose, four brothers changed the name spelling with an S to a Z. The brothers were Antonio 1845-1915, Placido 1846-1920, Juan 1851-1915 and Nicolas 1856-1920.

9. New World Odyssey by Edward Soza. Juan Alonso de Sosa, Royal Treasurer in Mexico City 1530-1555

10. This frontier presidio was located within 90 miles approximately from where ancestor Alferez José Maria Sosa was born twenty years later. The Commandant of the Fronteras Presidio spent much of his time at his hacienda at Jamaica, which was only about six miles distance from Jecori, Sonora, ancestor José Maria Sosa's birthplace.

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11. Photo furnished by Fred Soza, El Paso, Tx. Photograph of original colored pen & ink drawing by José Cisneros, El Paso, Tx. The drawing was commissioned by Fred Soza, and donated to the Arizona State Parks Board, Tubac, Az on August 24, 1986 as a free and unrestricted gift.

A companion original colored pen & ink drawing of Juan Bautista de Anza by Cisneros was also commissioned and donated by Fred Soza on June 19, 1988 to ASPB-T

Both drawings are on display at the Tubac Presidio State Park, Tubac, Az.

12. Writer has not visited the site of Jecori. Correspondent information is that the original village has been relocated several time, but all still within close proximity of the original.

13. Rudo Ensayo by Father Juan Nentvig
A Description of Sonora and Arizona in 1764. Translated, clarified and annotated by Alberto Francisco Pradeau and Robert R. Rasmussen. University of Arizona Press 1980, P/123

14. Descripcion, Geografica, Natural y Curiosa de La Provincia de Sonora 1764. Instituto National de Antropolgia e Historia, Mexico 1977. Introducion, Appendice, Notas e Indice por Margarita Nolasco Armas y Teresa Martinez Penalosa Capitulo 11, Parrafos 12 P/43, Parrafos 328 P/109

15. Military transcript for José Maria Sosa reads Tecori, not Jecori.

Rudo Ensayo (Spanish Text) Prevencial Descripcion Geografica De La Provincia De Sonora. Author unknown at that time. Published By Buckingham Smith, San Augustin De La Florida 1863 cites on P/10 Tecori, P/187 Tecori, but the map shows Jecori.

Descripcion Geografica, Natural y Curiosa de La Provincia de Sonora 1764. Instituto Nacional de Antropolgia e Historia, Mexico 1977. Introduction, Appendice, Notes and Indice by Margarita Nolasco Armas,and Teresa Martinez Penalosa. Referenced Tecori.

Capitulo 11, Parrafos 12 P/43 Tecori; Parrafos 328 P/109 Tecori

Rudo Ensayo (English Text) translated by Dr. Alberto Francisco Pradeau and Robert R. Rasmussen 1980 P/8 shows Jecori, P/123 shows Jecori, Map shows Jecori

The late Dr. James E. Officer, on June 16, 1992 corroborated this writer's findings when he wrote: "With respect to Jecori, it is a fair-sized hamlet less than an hour's drive south of Cumpas on a paved road .... The old town of Oposura has since the late 1820's been known as Moctezuma. Jecori is in the Municipio of Cumpas but is in the Judicial district of Moctezuma. This may mean some of the documents pertaining to early history are at Moctezuma, but the church records should be in Cumpas.

I have for some time felt that José Maria's birthplace might be Jecori, but several service records I have seen all show Tecori, a town I have never been able to locate ..." Letter in writer's file.

16. "Nentvig's Map of Sonora and Areas North 1762. Retouched by A.F. Pradeau. Reproduced by courtesy of the British Museum." Juan Nentvig's Rudo Ensayo, A Description of Sonora and Arizona in 1764. English Translation. Antonio Francisco Pradeau and Robert R. Rasmussen. University of Arizona Press 1980.

In a letter to James E. Officer dated June 12, 1992, this writer shares information with Jim that Jecori appears on the Nentvig map of 1762.

On June 16, 1992, Jim Officer responded: "I have for some time felt that José Maria's birthplace might be Jecori, but the several service records I have seen all show Tecori, a town I have never been able to locate....

17. Writer was granted research day privilege to research at the Archivo de Indias, Seville, Spain in 1974. Found references on Alferez José Maria Sosa. Copies of the service record and royal commission were ultimately obtained from Archivo Generalde Indias, through the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, November 11, 1976.

The service record is identified as M Leg 7279 108 Archivo General de Simancas.

18. Royal Commission naming José Maria Sosa an Alferez is dated September 26, 1794 the King (by Manuel de Negrete y de la Torre. Alferez would approximate Naval Ensign or Army Second Lieutenant.

Copies of the Royal Commission and Transcript were obtained from Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain, and were donated to the Arizona Historical Society by author.

Reference to Sosa's commission and transcript appear as items #5700 and #3117 in CATALOGUE OF MATERIALS IN THE ARCHIVO GENERAL DE INDIAS FOR THE HISTORY OF THE PACIFIC COAST AND THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST by Charles E. Chapman, University of California Press, 1919.

Citation: letter dated November 11, 1976 by Irene Moran, Head, Public Services, University of California, Berkeley, in author's possession.

19. Alferez Sosa's service record reads: Su Edad 55 anos; "Capacidad - Corta" which literally would translate into "capacity - short" or more logically "capability - limited." Using the latter and more charitable interpretation, it is not unimaginable that twenty campaigns against the enemy took a heavy physical toll on Sosa.

20. In 1811, Father Pedro Antonio de Arriquibar, as family friend and father confessor, interceded on behalf José Maria Sosa 11. This letter has been used to suggest that Alferez José Maria Sosa died before 1811. Hispanic Arizona 1536 - 1856 P/96 James E. Officer, University of Arizona Press 1987.

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21. Sublevacion Yaqui 1740, Luis Navarro Garcia, Escuela De Estudios Hispano-Americanos, Sevilla 1966

22. Modern day Tucson counts it official birth date as August 20, 1775, concurrent with the relocation of the Presidio de San Ignacio de Tubac to the Presidio de San Agustin del Tucson.

23. SPANISH COLONIAL TUCSON, Henry F. Dobyns - Appendix
Table 3 Tubac Troopers Who Later Served at Tucson
Table 5 Tucson Company Individual Accounts in 1778
Table 8 Tucson Garrison Strength in January 1784
Table 9 Tucson Garrison Strength in October 1785

24. New World Odyssey; A Search For Roots, The Sosa, Soza Families of Arizona. Edward Soza 1995. Printed privately.

25. Commandant Phantom Presidio, Smith, F.J.

26. Diccionario de Historia Geografica y Biografia Sonorenses por Francisco R. Alamada, Chihuahua, Mexico 1952 P/409

27. Writer visited Archivo General de Indias, Sevilla in 1974 and located reference card index on José Maria Sosa. Later, Don Chaput, Altadena, Ca formerly Assistant Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles, Ca. referenced Catalogue of Materials in the Archivo General de Indias for the History of the Pacific Coast and the American Southwest, Charles E. Chapman, Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1919, in which two very significant documents appear, to wit:

#5700 1794, Sept. 26 The King (by Manl. de Negrete y de la Torre). D. Josef Maria Sosa. Nombramiento de degundo (sic) Alferez.

#3117 1794. Presidio de Sn. Bernardino en Sonora. Patentes y nombramientos de oficiales de Guerra.

Through the courtesy of Don Chaput and the University of California, Berkeley, this writer obtained copies and donated them to the AHS-Tucson for inclusion in the Soza Family Collection.

28. Spanish Colonial Tucson, A Demographic History, Henry F. Dobyns 1976 University of Arizona Press


P/153 José Maria Sosa, 28, Tecori Spaniard 1775
P/155 2nd Corp José Maria Soza Individual account 1778
P/157 Sgt. José Maria Sosa Garrison strength 1782
P/159 Sgt. José Maria Sosa Garrison strength 1784
P/159 Sgt. José Maria Sosa Garrison strength 1785
P/107 2nd Ensign José Maria Sosa Promotion to Ensign 1784

29. Ibid P/43

30. P/119-120 SPANISH COLONIAL TUCSON, Henry F. Dobyns, University of Arizona Press 1976

Soza family requested permission to install memorial tablet honoring the memory of Dona Rita Espinosa de Sosa was denied. Reason for denial was that Rita Espinosa's grave site can not be identified.

Letter dated December 23, 1988 from United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service , Washington, D.C., signed for William Penn Mott, Jr. Director.

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31. National Park Service letter December 23, 1988. Photograph is reproduction of a commercial postcard. Photographer not identified.

32. From commercial postcard, photographer not identified.

33. Ibid P/207 footnote #33 Arriquibar letter dated 6 de Marzo, 1811.

34. Archaeological evidence along the San Pedro River valley and Casa Grande ruins confirm presence of a civilization as early as 11th century.

35. The mantra of this writer's Jr. High School * history teacher, whose name has long been forgotten. This teacher provided an articulate and convincing explanation for the United States-Mexican War of 1846-1848, under the guise of "Manifest Destiny."

* Phineas Banning Jr. & Sr. High School, Wilmington, Ca.

36. P/144-5 The Gadsden Treaty (Gerber 1923)

37. Arizona Population figures cited by James H. McClintock, Vol. 2, 1916, P/300 Arizona, Prehistoric, Aboriginal, Pioneer ...


38. Legislative History of Arizona, with map of the Territory of Arizona, compiled by George H. Kelly.

39. Song of Myself, Walt Whitman (Williams & Honig 1962)
P/116 reading "born here from parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same.... This is true of Antonio if you consider that southern Arizona and northern Sonora was the province of Spain 1521-1821 and Mexico 1821-1854.

40. P/15 Rare Book #105 Huntington Library 1871

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41. AHS Soza Family Collection "Reminiscence" by Senora Doña Jesus Moreno De Soza as told to Joe Castillo, January 6, 1939. Original interview was given and transcribed in Spanish. Later an English version became available.

42. Antonio Campa Sosa was the son of Manuel Sosa and Luisa Campa. Familial relationship of Bernardino Campa is not specified, but undoubtedly from the Luisa Campa family. Other Campa relatives cited were cousins Matidle and Manuel.

43. Map #1 of the Cultivated Fields of Tucson in and about Tucson 1862. Surveyed by order of Major D. Fergusson 1st Calvary, Cal. Vol. by J.B. Mills, Surveyor, 1862

Map shows sixty tracts occupied by forty eight land holders, forty of whom are hispanic.

Notation on map: "The fields to the North of the extent of this map are only cultivated when there is an abundance of water."

44. Act of February 5, 1875. Survey was made by Theo. F. White in 1876 of parts of Sections 2, 3, 10, 11 & 14, T 14 S R 13 E, Gila & Salt River Base & Meridian. Map was prepared for the Arizona Pioneer Society through the courtesy of the Phoenix Title & Trust Company 1957.

Petition initiated by Antonio Soso (sic) on February 1, 1876, claiming lands at Lot 13, Section 11 Township 14 South Range 13 East. Copy of PATENT acquired on February 22, 1974 through the BLM, Dept of Interior, Phoenix Office.

See Petition facsimile page 28.

45. See Petition facsimile on page 28.

46. Copy of PATENT originally obtained on February 22, 1974 from the BLM, Phoenix, Az. Copy became illegible and second and better copy was obtained on July 25, 1996.

47. Letter "G" from Department of the Interior, General Land Office, Washington, D.C. dated May 16, 1885 to Register and Receiver, Tucson, Arizona. Copy on file. Obtained from the National Archives, Pacific Southwest Region, Laguna Niguel, Ca.

48. left blank

49. Antonio Soza Patent copy obtained from the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Copy on file.

50. Juan Soza 1851-1915 had previously filed HD #48 on March 16, 1878 at Florence, A.T. for eighty acres described as:
N 1/2 of the SW 1/4, Section 18, Township 1 North, Range 5 East.

This application was relinquished by Juan Soza and cancelled on December 20, 1878.

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51. Juan Soza homestead file copies obtained from the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Copies of file.


53. Francisca Gastelo appears as Francisca Gastelum in two editions of the Sosa, Soza Family Tree. Senior family members, now deceased, stated unequivocally, that Gastelum was correct spelling.

Antonio Soza and Francisca Gastelo Certificate of Marriage facsimile provided by Rev. Arsenio S. Carrillo, Pastor of St. Augustine's Cathedral, Tucson on August 31, 1872. Copy on file.

54. Antonio Soza and Mercedes Federico Marriage Certificate facsimile were provided by Rev. Arsenio S. Carrillo on August 31, 1872. Copy on file.

55. Antonio Sosa and Maria Jesus Moreno marriage certificate facsimile was provided by Rev. Arsenio S. Carrillo on January 21, 1971. Copy on file.

Francisco Goodwin was the husband of Petra Carrillo Moreno, Maria Jesus Moreno's half sister.

In a reprint of information compiled by Flynn Maxey, dated Tucson, November 29, 1974, states that: " Mrs. Francis Henri Goodwin, maiden name Petra Carrillo Moreno, born in Ures, Sonora 1847, her mother was the sister of Leopold Carrillo and her mother married Benito Moreno who was born in Spain. When Petra was 3 years old her father remarried in Ures and had 3 daughters, Jesusita, Francisca and Versabe."

The Flynn Maxey account of the Moreno lineage, chronology, and time frame does not conform with Jesus Moreno de Soza "Reminiscences dated January 6, 1939, in which she states: "We were all born in California, four living and two dead before we left there..." Reference is to brothers José de Loreto (1857) and Corcinio (1861) did not survive.

Helpful is the information that Dr. F.H. Goodwin was a Confederate surgeon, who came to Tucson at the close of the Civil War. Research places him in Yuma and Tucson at the time Maria Jesus Moreno joined her married sister Petra Moreno Goodwin circa 1872.

56. Benito Soza 1886-1893 gravestone marker at the former Soza Ranch, San Pedro River. See Soza Family Newsletter Vol. 3, No. 2 August 1995 p/3.

57. #6921 Francisco Federico Soza is the son of Antonio Campa Soza and his second wife Mercedes Federico. Rosaura Moreno Soza is the daughter of Antonio Campa Soza and 3rd wife Maria Jesus Moreno.

58. #6755 Antonio Federico Soza, the son of Antonio Campa Soza and Mercedes Federico. Antonio was fatally wounded in a duel with José Maria Vasquez, who also died. Duel was over a stolen calf belonging to S. Rambaud. Photograph by Stanton, Springfield, Oh. Original photograph is classified as rare.

59. Photo of José Maria Federico Soza c.1900 was furnished by his late daughter Maria Aurelia S. Acosta on Jun 10, 1971.

60. Photo of Clara Sanchez Soza (1897- ) was furnished by grand daughter Rosa Orosco, Chandler, Az.

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61. #65970 Composite portrait of Antonio Campa Soza 1845-1915 and his wife Maria Jesus Moreno de Soza 1855-1939. Donated to AHS by their daughter Maria Moreno Gonzales.

Original composite portraits is on exhibit in the Soza Room at the Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House Museum, Tucson

62. Children born to Luisa Campa Soza Mungia

Antonio Campa Soza
Manuel Sosa
Placido Campa Soza
Manuel Sosa
Nicolas Campa Soza
Calistro Sosa
Santiago Campa Soza
Died as infant
Calistro Sosa
Tomas Mungia
Jesus Maria Mungia
Ramona Mungia
Jesus Maria Mungia

63. Manuela Soza McKenna was born December 24, 1852 in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico and died November 24, 1907 in Tucson, Az.

Photo was furnished by grand daughter the late Mrs. J.B. Perego, nee Ruth Perego, San Francisco, Ca.

64. McKenna Sosa Quilt on display at Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House Museum, Tucson. Quilt created by Manuela Sosa McKenna, records the birth of each child born to Michael McKenna & Manuela Sosa. Last entry is 1885. Manuela Sosa Mckenna died 1907.

The quilt has been exhibited extensively and featured in several publications. Grand Envisions, Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers, by Helen Young Frost & Pam Knight Stevenson, Northland featured a two page history of the quilt. Included are photographs of Manuel and Michael McKenna. This photograph by Fred McAninch, Museum Curator.

65. P/71-2 Los Tucsonenses (Sheridan 1986)
"Drought, Floods, and Apache attacks"

66. Photograph loaned by grandson Cornelio V. Soza, Phoenix, Az. Placido Campa Soza (1846-1920 and Antonio Campa Soza (1845-1915) were brothers, the sons of Luisa Campa and Manuel Sosa.

67. #52734 Manuel Elias Soza, the son of Placido Campa Soza and Mercedes Elias. Not able to identify companion.

68. #59421 Manuel Elias Soza 1873-1969, son of Placido Campa Soza 1846-1920 and Mercedes Elias.

Placido and Antonio C. Soza were brothers. Notation on 1962 photograph, Manuel, shown at age 94, died at the age 96 in Madera, Ca. (Soza family tree shows 1873-1962)

69. Photo of Rita Valenzuela Soza, was loaned by her son Cornelio V. Soza, Phoenix, Az. Cornelio's parents were Manuel Elias Soza and Rita Valenzuela.

70. Photo of Cornelio V. Soza & Ermita Silva Soza, Phoenix, Az. Cornelio is the son of Manuel Elias Soza & Rita Valenzuela, and the grandson of Placido Campa Soza & Mercedes Elias.

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71. Victoria married Luis Escheverria and they had three children: Lupe, Aurora and Luisa. Victoria's second marriage was to Trinidad Madrid and had two more children: Helen and Benjamin. Aurora was twice married and died without issue. 
Source: Mary Morales, Los Angeles, Ca. 9/28/1996 Telephone

Lupe married Fred Mendoza, Los Angeles, Ca and had three children; Mary, Fred Jr. and Adelina. 

Source: Chonita Soza Rabena letter 9/26/1996.

72. Victoria is the daughter of Nicolas Campa Soza and Juana Borquez

73. Calistro Borquez Soza was the son of Nicolas Campa Soza and Juana Borquez. He married Concepcion Navarro Fimbrez in 1907. Their children were Calistro, Juana, Concepcion, Carmen and Gloria. Source: letter 9/26/96 from Chonita Soza Rabena, Orange Cove, Ca.

74. Juan Soza 1851-1915, born in Tucson, son of Calistro Sosa and Paulina Medina, shown with his son Juan Sotelo Soza 1877-1969

Juan Soza married Jesus Maria Sotelo and planted their roots in Tempe, where the family has been located for nearly 125 years.

Juan had an interesting and varied career; carrying mail, digging canals with Charles Trumbull Hayden, freighter, and deputy sheriff in Tempe under Carl Hayden.

Photos of Juan Soza and Juan Sotelo Soza were furnished by descendant Henrietta Soza Aguilar, Tempe, Az.

75. Jesus Maria Sotelo 1856-1936, the wife of Juan Soza 1851-1936

76. Juan Soza (1851-1915) Family L-R Alfonso 1890-1906, Antonio 1884-1958, Henero 1886-1901, Paulina 1876-1964, Jesus Sotelo Soza 1856-1936, Ester 1880-1959 and infant Elena 1893-1978

77. Soza Homesteads:

Antonio C. Soza HD #734 and #934
Juan Soza HD #48 and CE # 218
Placido Soza HD #183
Nicolas Soza HD #759
Leonides Montano HD #1219
Manuel Soza HD #03537
Rosaura M. Soza HD #03260

These and other family entries can be found in:
Hispanic Homesteaders in Arizona 1870-1908 and Mexican Homesteaders in the San Pedro River Valley and the Homestead Act of 1862, both by Edward Soza.

78. Bargain and Sale Deed dated May 20, 1932.

Jesus M. de Soza, a widow, conveys to her daughter, Mercedes Soza Apodaca, a married woman:

E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 and E 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of section 30; and NW 1/4; the NE 1/4; and the SE 1/4 of section 32. All in Township 12 South, Range 19 East ... Cochise County... as her sole and separate property.

79. Land transfers:

Warranty Deed dated March 20, 1939
Miguel D. Gomez and Chonita V. Gamez convey to Hope Iselin Jones: S 1/2 of NW 1/4 and SW 1/4 of Section 21, and NW 1/4 and W 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section 28, and SE 1/4 of Section 29 and SE 1/4 of Section 29 of T 12 S, R 19 E Cochise County,(480 acres)

Warranty Deed dated July 17, 1939
Rosaura Soza Vijil and Ricardo Vijil convey to Mark Bradberry: W 1/2 of SW 1/4 and SE 1/4 of SW 1/4, Section 29, T 12 S, R 19 E, Cochise County, (120 acres)

Deed dated March 1946
Ricardo Apodaca and Mrs. Mercedes S. Apodaca convey unto Hope Iselin Honeycutt, formerly Hope Iselin Jones... 
E 1/2 of E 1/2 of Section 30, and N 1/2, and E 1/2 of SE 1/4 , and SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 32 T 12 S, R 19 E Cochise County, being 600 acres more or less.

Also the lease from State of Arizona covering SW 1/4 , Section 32 above (160 acres). Also any and all water rights....

Quit-Claim Deed dated October 2, 1967
Mercedes S. Apodaca, a widow, quit claim to Hope Iselin Jones in her sole and separate right...
NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 32 , T 12 S. R 19 E, Cochise County. (40 Acres)

80. Soza Ranch Schematic Layout, by Antonio V. Soza 7/6/95

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81. Antonio Soza, Notice of Location of Water Right. Dated June 30, 1885 was recorded at request of Antonio Soza July 2, 1885 at 3:30 P.M. Land Claim 1, 193 Cochise County Recorder.

Copy on file.

82. Placido Soza Land Claim recorded July 2, 1885, 1, 194 
Serves Notice that he had taken out a ditch to irrigate his land. Cochise County Recorder. Copy on file.

83. Arizona State Land Department letter to writer dated June 16, 1972. Copy on file.

Placido Campa Soza Homestead Application #183 
Relinquished and cancelled by Placido Soza on date May 18, 1885, in which he attested "that he has lost his duplicate Receivers Receipt and ...that he does hereby relinquish to the United States all his rights, title, and interest ...

Today, it is unthinkable that a homesteader would be compelled to relinquish his homestead for lack of a receipt. The GLO, neither in Arizona nor Washington, had computer technology available to cross-reference homestead applications and Receiver's Receipts. Sadly for Placido and many other homesteaders, the absence of a Receiver's Receipt precluded forfeiture of a homestead claim.

Letter June 16, 1972, Arizona State Land Department also stated that Francisca M. Soza had taken a Stock Raising Homestead for 629.04 acres in Section 31, T 12 S, R 19 E, G & SR B & M. Cochise County.

84. Grazing Permits: Grazing Permits Letter 2200 dated August 8, 1972 from United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Coronado National Forest, P.O. Box 551, Tucson, Az 85702

States that "The records which indicated that your grandfather (Antonio Campa Soza) had a grazing permit on the Coronado National Forest were obtained through our card records. The actual application and documents have long since been destroyed."

85. Letter 2230 dated December 28, 1971
Antonio Campa Soza had a grazing permit on the Coronado National Forest from 1910 to 1914. His address was given as Pool, Az 

86. P/71 The American Settler's Guide, Henry N. Copp Washington, D.C. 1880 (Government Printing Office)

87. Probate #7491 Estate of Jesus M. de Soza

Order Confirming Sale of Lease for $500.00 to Hope Iselin Jones. See probate chronology.

88. P/137 Arizona's Dark and Bloody Ground (Forrest 1964)
Account of the Aztec Land & Cattle Co., organized c.1883. Located opposite Saint Joseph and west of Holbrook.

P/295 Company failed 1900 and Babbit Brothers bought remanent.

89. The Territorial Book of Brands and Marks of Cattle, Horses, issued by the Live Stock Sanitary Board of Arizona, 1898

90. Design cover for Soza Family Reunions:1990 Tucson and 1994 Tempe. Drawing created by Carolina Lopez-Latouche, Tucson.

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91. Sketch of Capilla de San Antonio de Padua was drawn by Ana Elias as described by Ben Moreno Soza.

Maria Moreno Soza de Gonzales 1890 and Benito Moreno Soza in 1893, separately, both cited the same oral history. It was Benito's remembrances that resulted in the composite sketch drawing of the Capilla de San Antonio de Padua.

Donald J. Brosnan, CRM Archivist, Catholic Diocese of Tucson wrote on September 14, 1995 wrote: "that there is no travel diary in the Archives belonging to Bishop Granjon. I checked all his papers and writing and there is no mention of a visit to the Soza Ranch at Redington." Letter in writer's possession.

92. AHS Soza Family Files S731-1 
Reminiscences dated January 6, 1939 as told to Mr. Joe Castillo by Senora Doña Jesus Moreno De Soza P/1-5 and Mrs. Soza's daughter Mrs. Gonzales P/5-6. Senora de Soza died a week later on January 13, 1939.

93. AHS Soza File - Drawing of Capilla de San Antonio de Padua de Lisboa en Rancho San Antonio. Erected by Antonio Campa Soza in 1902, Dedicated by Bishop Henry Granjon February 2, 1903.

94. Letter dated February 5, 1942 from OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, COCHISE COUNTY, BISBEE, ARIZONA, signed by Ruby F. Fulghum, County School Superintendent.

Letter resulted from original inquiry by family member, copy of which is in the AHS - Soza Collection and in writer's possession.

95. AHS/Soza Collection #54648 and

Reminiscences by Maria S de Gonzales January 6, 1939.

96. The late Carlos Moreno 1891-1987, the late Herminia Leon Valenzuela and their sons and daughters, Carlos, Bertha, Helen, Irma, Irene, Antonio, Hector and Joseph have regularly made pilgrimages to the cemetery. They have installed grave markers and conducted work parties to clear out weed and brush. Identity of graves verified and revised as of September 9, 1996 by Antonio V. Soza, Helendale, Ca.

97. d. Joint graves. When these graves were relocated to the present Soza Cemetery, Rosaura Soza Vijil, did not want her deceased infant son to be lonely, hence the joint burial with his aunt Maria Soza Montano.

Rosaura is the daughter of Antonio C. Soza and 3rd spouse Jesus Moreno Soza.

Maria is the daughter of Antonio C. Soza and 2nd spouse Mercedes Federico.

98. e. Infant son of José Federico Soza and Clara Sanchez
The infant is the grandson of Antonio C. Soza and 2nd spouse Mercedes Federico.

99. f. Son of Carlos Moreno Soza & Herminia Leon Valenzuela, grandson of Antonio C. Soza and 3rd spouse Jesus Moreno Soza

100. Parents of Francisca and Manuel, were Antonio C. Soza and 3rd spouse Jesus Moreno Soza

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101. h. Refugio, born in Los Angeles, Ca., is a sister to Jesus Moreno Soza. She was married to Antonio's half brother Tomas Mungia in grave site "i".

102. j. A great grandson of Antonio C. Soza and Jesus Moreno Soza, and in grave site k., a grand daughter of the same.

103. A grand daughter of Antonio C. Soza and Jesus Moreno Soza, and the daughter of Carlos Moreno Soza and Herminia Leon Valenzuela.

104. 1957 Map of the Redington Quadrangle N3215-W11015/15 USGS.

105. Bargain and Sale Deed, recorded February 25, 1915
Book 60 Deed R.E. Pages 53 & 55

106. Lot Five (5), in Block Sixty-eight (68), City of Tucson,

107. Indenture between Mercedes Tapia and Jesus M. de Soza of July 26, 1899., to wit: All of Lot Five (5) in Block (68) Sixty Eight according to the Official Survey ... (dated) on the 26th day of June, 1872.

108. Indenture between Board of Supervisors, Pima County and Jesus M. de Soza confirmed title to Jesus M. de Soza on August 10, 1902

109. Petition list names of the heirs as being: Rosaura Vijil, Louisa Saenz, Antonio Soza, Mercedes Apodaca, Carlos Soza, Maria de Gonzales, Benito Soza, Juan Soza, Francisco Soza, Enrique Soza, Alberto Soza. (Spelling left unchanged. Rosaura Vijil and Francisca Soza are correct spelling.)


Jesus M. de Soza
one half
Rosaura Vijil
one twenty fourth to each:
Louisa Saenz
one twenty fourth
Antonio Soza
one twenty fourth
Mercedes Apodaca
one twenty fourth
Carlos Soza
one twenty fourth
Maria de Gonzales
one twenty fourth
Benito Soza
one twenty fourth
Juan Soza
one twenty fourth
Francisca Soza
one twenty fourth
Enrique Soza
one twenty fourth
Alberto Soza
one twenty fourth
Alicia Soza
one-forty eighth
Louisa Soza
one-forty eighth


Schedule "A"


Lot Five (5) in Block Sixty Eight (68) of the City of Tucson ... encumbered by first and second mortgage... is the only asset shown.

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111. Petition was filed by daughter Maria S. Gonzales for the removal of Jesus M. de Soza, Administratrix. Nazario A. Gonzales, was offered as Administrator.

112. Reminiscences by Senora Doña Jesus Moreno De Soza as told to Joe Castillo, January 6, 1939. See AHS Soza Family File 731-1. Maria Moreno de Gonzales also contributed. Spanish text and English translation on file.

113. Baptismal Records at "La Placita" church, Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angeles, now referred to as "our Lady Queen of Angels Church, 100 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90012.

Baptismal facsimile on file.

114. José de Loreto Moreno, Libro Tercedo de Bautismos 1848-1858. Sponsors were Soledad Fimbres and Maria del Carmen Valdez.

115. Maria Francisca Moreno baptismal sponsors were Manuel Abril and Rosalia Bustamantes

116. Corcinio Moreno baptismal sponsors were Lorenzo Fimbres and Teresa David

117. Flynn Maxey account dated Tucson November 29, 1874, erroneously has Benito Moreno remarrying in Ures and having three daughters; Jesusita, Francisca and Versave (Bersabe). He stated that Versave died in Tucson on August 1, 1878. Copy on file.

The baptismal records at the Old Plaza Church (La Placita) Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angels (Our Lady Queen of Angels Church) provide ample information that José Benito Moreno's second family, was born in Los Angeles, Ca.

Refugio Moreno is buried at the Soza Cemetery; listed as Refugio Moreno Lopez Mungia.

118. Letter dated August 4, 1940, Cananea, Sonora from Refugio A. de Meza to Maria Soza Gonzales. Refugio was the daughter of Francisca Moreno Aguirre, a sister to Jesus Moreno Soza. Original letter written in Spanish was given to this writer by his aunt Maria Soza Gonzales, Long Beach, Ca. The original letter was donated to the AHS Soza Collection.

119. Reminiscences by Jesus Moreno de Soza on file at AHS in the Soza Family Collection, dated January 6, 1939.

120. August 4, 1940 letter Refugio A. de Meza to Maria Soza Gonzales. Letter on file at AHS.

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121. Location of Water For Beneficial Uses filed by Jesus M. Soza was filed MISCEL. BOOK #26 page 445 on March 1, 1917.

"That the undersigned; a resident of the State of Arizona and qualified to appropriate the unappropriated water of the State of Arizona, doe.. hereby take and appropriate for the use of watering stock belonging to said locator, and for beneficial uses, all of the water .. of that certain spring known and described as the MUD SPRING located about six miles in a southwestly direction from SOZA'S RANCH, on the San Pedro River, in the County of Cochise, about five miles northerly direction from Rincon Mountain in said County, State of Arizona.

The place of diversion of said water is located at the point on the edge of said spring where a copy of these notice is posted and said water so appropriated is to be conducted in a east direction from said point diversion by mean .. of a ditch tunnel not less than three feet in diameter, to where a reservoir is to be constructed to hold and retain said water for the said uses of watering stock and irrigation and other beneficial purposes by said undersigned locator, his heirs or assigns: said above named spring and land upon which reservoir and dam is to be constructed is upon unsurveyed land, and the water so appropriated as aforesaid will not exceed 150 one hundred and fifty miners inches, which said water is necessary for the use and benefit of said locator.

Dated and posted on the ground this 23rd day of February, 1917.

Jesus M. Soza, Locator

Witnesses: Carlos Soza and Juan Vijil


Filed and recorded at the request of Jesus Soza, March 1, 1917

A full and true copy was furnished on April 9, 1974 by Christine Macras, Recorder and Norma Padovan, Deputy

122. Document #4037, Probate #7491 
Bargain And Sale Deed dated May 20, 1932, Jesus M. de Soza conveys 160 acres to Mercedes Soza Apodaca as her sole and separate property.

123. Document #6297, Probate #3722 dated March 30, 1937.

124. Bargain & Sale Deed dated January 4, 1915 Antonio and Jesus convey 200 acres to Servin Rambaud.

Bargain and Sale Deed dated January 8, 1915 Severin Rambaud and Refugio Rambaud, H&W convey the same identical 200 acres to Jesus M. Soza, as her sole and separate property.

Bill of Sale dated December 2, 1914 Antonio C. Soza conveyed to his wife Jesus M. Soza "all that certain range and other animals bearing the brand AS (initials) and ranging in Cochise and Pima Counties..., also all brands ... belonging to me or used or controlled by me in my ranches and cattle business."

125. In Hispanic Homesteaders in Arizona 1870-1908, (Soza 1994) only homesteads taken out during 1870-1908 are shown.

126. Bargain and Sale Deed #4037, dated May 20, 1932 and recorded on September 6, 1939 whereby Jesus M. de Soza conveys to Mercedes M. Apodaca 640 acres, to wit:


1. E 1/2 of NE 1/4, and E 1/2 of SE 1/4- Section 30


2. NW 1/4; NE 1/4; and SE 1/4 of Section 32, all in D & SR BM, as her sole and separate property.

127. Letter dated August 4, 1940, Cananea, Sonora from Refugio A. de Meza to Maria Soza de Gonzales. Original in AHS Soza Collection.

128. Letter dated July 6, 1972 to Hi Wo Company, 238 East 4th, Benson written by this writer, Copy on file at AHS.

129. From the AHS Hi Wo Family Collection. Hi Wo and Family. Boy on right is identified as Pepe.

130. Condensed from the official probate records of the Superior Court, Pima County, Az.

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131. Observation: Apparently the property purchase was not recorded in a timely fashion, as County Taxes of $2.73 were assessed to an UNKNOWN OWNER. The property was offered for sale by the County, but no offers were made. Jesus Moreno de Soza cleared the title in 1902.

132. Condensed from official probate records from the Superior Court, Pima County, Az

133. Other Probates:


Soza Minors
filed 8/25/1913
Louisa M. Soza
filed 2/11/1908
Francisco Soza
filed 5/16/1908
Manuel M. Soza
filed 6/15/1911
Ramona M. Soza
filed 6/17/1914

134. #52796 Luisa Campa Soza 1825-1900, with grandchildren

Victoria and Calistro. Children were born to Nicolas Campa Soza and Juana Borquez. They are descendants from Luisa's second marriage, to Calistro Sosa.

Luisa Campa Soza was the mother of Antonio Campa Soza 1845 and Placido Campa Soza 1846; her children from her first marriage, to Manuel Sosa.

135. #6754 Antonio Campa Soza with unidentified stranger who stopped by the Soza Ranch. He was headed towards mountains to search for alleged hidden treasures. By family custom, no stranger could pass without being made welcomed at the Soza Ranch.

136. Maria Jesus Moreno was born in Los Angeles, Ca December 24, 1855. The guesstimate is that this photo, was originally taken at age 17, c.1872. The Goodwin family's account, as detailed by Flynn Maxey on November 29, 1972, is that Jesus stayed with the Goodwin family until her marriage to Antonio Campa Soza on July 28, 1879 in Tucson.

137. #55208 Lisandro Moreno Soza 1879-1907, the first-born to Antonio Campa Soza and Maria Jesus Moreno de Soza.

138. #6756 Manuel Moreno Soza 1882-1911 and Ramona Manzo -1908. Manuel was missing for about two months, when his remains were found near the Soza Ranch. He had been ambushed and fatally wounded. He was buried at the site; now the location of the Soza Family Cemetery. Currently there are twelve graves.

139. #6926 Beef jerky in the making at the Soza Ranch

140. #6927 Manuel M. Soza is the son of Antonio Campa Soza and Maria Jesus Moreno. Roberto Martinez Soza is the son of Antonio Federico Soza 1873-1903 and Laura Martinez. Antonio Federico Soza 1873-1903 and José Federico Soza 1878-1934 were the sons of Antonio Campa Soza 1845-1915 and Mercedes Federico.

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141. Luisa Moreno Soza 1884-1927 and Francisca Moreno Soza, 1896-1937

142. Juan José Saenz 1879-1969 and Luisa Soza Saenz 1884-1927.

143. Antonio Moreno Soza 1888-1981 and Mercedes Encinas 1891-1970

144. Photos furnished by Artemisa Soza Apodaca, Tucson, of her parents Ricardo Apodaca and Mercedes Soza:
Mercedes Soza Apodaca 1889-1973 taken in 1928
Ricardo Apodaca 1881-1962 taken in 1928
Mercedes Soza Apodaca at age 56 taken in 1945
Ricardo Apodaca on horse back age 65 taken in 1946
Mercedes Soza Apodaca & Ricardo Apodaca" 1959, ages 70 and 78.

145. #52757 N.A. Gonzales Family
Front: Nazario A. Gonzales, Elsa Gonzales, José S. Soza (Cousin) and Ernest Gonzales. Rear: Maria Soza Gonzales, Lisandro, Francisca Moreno Soza, Armida.

146. #6737 Carlos 1891-1981 and Herminia 1893-1964, were married February 14, 1915

147. Benito Moreno Soza and Armida Elias. Photo from the private collection of Lydia Marie Meade, nee Soza, Meridian, Idaho. Armida Elias was the daughter of Tomas Elias and Juana O. de Elias, and Benito's parents were Jesus Moreno Vda. de Sosa and the late Antonio C. Soza.

Newspaper "El Tucsonense" September 27, 1923 cites a surprise dinner party in honor newly-wed Benito & Armida. The function was hosted at the home of Fernando Laos, some five miles distance from the city. The article also stated that the home had all the comforts, and a dining room large enough for dancing.

148. #6760 Juan Moreno Soza 1895-1945, the writer's father

149. Juan Moreno Soza, born at Redington, Az 1895-1945, is buried at Mountain View Cemetery: Lot 126, Grave 5, Knights of Pythias, Fresno, California.

150. Maria Petra Yanez de Soza, born at Benson, Az 1898-1955 was the first Arizonan recognized as a GOLD STAR mother, in grateful recognition of her contribution of five sons to WW11. Eventually seven sons would serve in the US military services.

Maria Petra is buried at the Yanez Family Burial Plot, High Street Cemetery, Benson, Arizona. Buried with her, are her father, mother, and brother, namely: José Lopez Yanez 1864-1917, Matilde B. Yanez 1872-1939 and Medardo B. Yanez 1896-1973.

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151. #9179 Amalia Soza, daughter of Juan Moreno Soza and Maria Petra Yanez

152. Baudelio Soza, born in Tucson, 1918-1943, the son of Juan Moreno Soza and Maria Petra Yanez, was known to family and friends as "Chito" or "Bud". He enlisted in the US Navy and served as a Fireman 1/C . He was on board the USS Chicago when the ship came under heavy, and relentless attack by Japanese naval forces during the Battle of Santa Cruz, Southeast Asia.

The ship was sunk with great loss of life. Baudelio was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously on June 8, 1944. The citation reads: "To Baudelio Soza, Fireman First Class, United States Navy For Military Merit and For Wounds Received In Action Resulting In His Death".

153. Francisca married John Doy and had one daughter; Marjorie Frances Doy. Marjorie married Gerald F. Headley. Two children were born of this union Vivian and Paul.

Francisca is buried along side her parents at the Soza Cemetery.

154. Photo furnished by daughter Elma Soza Aros, Tucson, Az.

155. Photo c.1946 furnished by Lydia Marie Soza, nee Soza, Meridian, Idaho.

156. Photograph Dolores Ordonez Soza 1906-1946, and Albert Moreno Soza 1900-1985. Photograph furnished by daughter Lydia Marie Soza Meade, Meridian, Idaho.

157. Photo of Albert Moreno Soza furnished by daughter Bertha Ordonez Olguin, Caldwell, Idaho. The occasion appears to be Albert's Confirmation Day c.1912.

158. Photo of the Albert Moreno Soza family out on a Sunday drive. Loaned by Lydia Marie Meade. nee Soza, Meridian, Idaho.

159. Photo of Albert Rudolfo Soza (1927-1992), son of Albert Moreno Soza & Dolores Ordonez. The marine, served in both the WW11 and Vietnam. He was wounded in both wars and twice awarded the Purple Heart. Multitude shrapnel wounds, malaria and frost bitten toes shorten his life. Photo furnished by Alberto's sister, Lydia Marie Meade, nee Soza, Meridian, Idaho.

160. Edward Soza and Phyllis Fine Soza at the Columbia Icefield, Alberta, Canada. On tour, after the 1996 Rotary International Convention, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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161. Edward Soza at 1973 Dedication of the John Charles Fremont Museum/Casa del Gobernador. Mrs. Richard M. Nixon was guest of honor. Photo by Helga Teiwes, Arizona State Museum.

Introduced at the ceremony were Albert Moreno Soza, Benito Moreno Soza, Maria Soza Gonzales, Mrs. J.B. Perego (Ruth) and Edward Soza & family.

In 1992, the historic adobe was renamed by the AHS Board of Directors, the Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont Museum in honor of the three families most closely associated with the history of this adobe dwelling.

162. Edward Soza at age 1. Born at Benson, Az. March 24, 1921.

Recuerdo De Bautismo. Eduardo, hijo de Juan Moreno Soza y Maria Petra Yanez de Soza. Nacio el dia 24 de Marzo de 1921.

Se bautizo el dia 18 de Abril de 1921 en La Iglesia de La Immaculada Concepcion en Benson, Arizona, por Rev. F.A. Colbymosl. Los padrinos fueron Francisco Sosa y Jesus Lainden.

163. Cruz Pico, writer's maternal great grand mother, with her second husband Urbano Borquez.

164. Matilde Bustamante Yanez (1872-1939) writer's maternal grandmother. Born on June 3, 1872 in Arizpe, Sonora. She died January 7, 1939 in Phoenix, Az.

165. Matilde Bustamante Yanez, born June 3, 1872 at Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico, died on January 7, 1939 in Phoenix, Az. Her parents were Cruz Pico and Eduardo Bustamante.

Matilde was married to José Lopez Yanez, born on July 7, 1864 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and died on September 5, 1917. Both are buried in the Yanez family plot at the High Street Cemetery, Benson, Az.

Their sons and daughters were José, Rosa, Maria Petra, Jesus, Matilde, Medardo, Rogelio, Alfonso, and Gilardo

166. On Visit to Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain in 1974, this writer located reference to José Maria Sosa. In a follow up discussion with Donald Chaput, Altadena, Ca., Retired Assistant Curator, LACMNH, Chaput researched Charles E. Chapman's Catalogue of Materials in the Archivo General de Indias For The History Of The Pacific Coast and the American West.

As a direct result of this input, copies of the following documents were obtained on November 11, 1976 from the Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain:

#5700 1794, Sept. 26 Sn Ildefonso, The King (by Manl. de Negrete y de la Torre. D. Josef Maria Sosa. Nombramiento de Degundo (sic) Alferez.

#3117 1794, Presidio de Sn Bernardino en Sonora. Patentes y nombramientos de officials de Guerra.

The cooperative effort by the University of California, Berkeley is also hereby acknowledged.

167. With the advent of Americans into the acquired Gadsden Purchase territory and their appetite for land; proof of ownership was a problem for many of the historical residents with ancestral lands.

U.S. Congress Act of February 5, 1875, enabled historical residents to obtain title to their ancestral lands, based on proof of occupancy of the property the immediate past 20 years, prior to February 5, 1875.

168. Survey ... of parts of Sections 2 - 3 - 10 - 11 & 14, Township 14 South, Range 13 East, G. & S.R. B. & M. Presented to Arizona Pioneer Historical Society by the Phoenix Title & Trust Co. 1957

169. Patent issued to Antonio Sosa, containing 13 acres and 13/100 of an acre. Patent Assigned to Ochoa and Sidney R. DeLong. Signed by: By the President, William McKinley, By N. McKean, Secretary, and C. H. Brush, Recorder of the General Land Office. Copy obtained from the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Phoenix, Arizona.

170. Petition copy furnished by Anthony Van Alstine, Covina, Ca, a descendant of the original petitioner. Signers included Antonio Soza and Placido Soza, and Nicolas Soza.

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Louisa M. de Soza
February 11, 1908
Francisco Soza
May 16, 1908
Manuel M. Soza
June 5, 1911
Soza Minors
August 25, 1913
Ramona M. Soza
June 17, 1914
Antonio F. Soza
November 14, 1925
Jesus M. de Soza
January 27, 1939
Antonio Federico Soza
Ramona Soza
Antonio F. Soza

172. Estate of Manuel M. Soza
160 acres valued at $700.00 and personal property valued at $300.00 Done in Open Court April 12, 1912. Copy from CCR

173. Location of Water Rights - Jesus M. Soza 
One Hundred Fifty minor inches of water. 
Six miles southwest of Soza's Ranch on the San Pedro River, Cochise County, and five miles in a northerly direction from the Rincon Mountains in Pima County, Unsurveyed Lands.

174. #4077 Jesus M. de Soza ... conveys 
1. The E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 and the 
E 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of section thirty (30); and

2. The NW 1/2, the NE 1/2, and the 
SE 1/4 of section thirty two (32)

All in the Township 12 South, Range 19 East, G. & S.R. B.M. Cochise County, Arizona, as her sole and separate property.

175. #3722 Order Setting Aside estate to Surviving Widow Jesus M. de Soza.

E 1/2 of the E 1/2 Section Thirty (30); the 
N 1/2 of Section Thirty two (32); the 
E 1/2 of SE 1/4; and the 
SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section thirty two ( 32) ; all in Township 12 South Range 19 East of the Gila and Salt River Base nd Meridian, Cochise County, Arizona.

Also any interest of the deceased in Lot sixteen (16) Block four (4) of Walker's Addition in the Town of Benson, Arizona according to the map or plat of said Walker's Addition of record in the office of the County Recorder of Cochise County, Arizona.

176. Bargain and Sale Deed

The S 1/2 of the NW 1/4, and the
SW 1/4 of Section Twenty One (21), and the 
SW 1/4 and W 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section Twenty Eight (28), and SE 1/4 of Section Twenty Nine (29),
Township 12 South, Range 19 East, G. & S.R. B. & M. Cochise County, Arizona


177. Warranty Deed conveys:
W 1/2 of SW 1/4 and 
SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section Twenty-Nine, 
Township Twelve South Range Nineteen East, G. & S.R. B. & M. Cochise County, Arizona. Signed Rosaura M. Soza, now Mrs. Juan Vijil, and Juan N. Viji.

178. The Deed conveys:
The E 1/2 of the E 1/2 of Section 30, and 
N 1/2, and the E 1/2 of the SE 1/4, and the 
SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 32, 
Township 12 South of Range 19 East, G. & S.R. B. & M. Cochise County, Arizona, being 600 acres more or less;

Also, the lease from the State of Arizona covering the 
SW 1/4 of the above mentioned section 32; and

Also, any and all water rights of every kind and character....

179. Document #436 conveys:
S 1/2 & E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 9, 
NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 & 
E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 8, and 
E 1/2 NE 1/4 and NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Section 17, all in Township 12 South Range 20 East, G. & S.R. B. & M. Cochise County, Az, - containing 640 acres more or less.

W 1/2 NW 1/4 and SE 1/4 SW 1/4 except the one acre referred in the deed dated October 6, 1937 recorded February 18, 1938 in Book 124 Deeds, page 269 from Juan Vijil and Rosaura S. his wife to Louise Kelty in Section Twenty Nine (29), Township 18 South Range 19 East & S.R. B. & M., Cochise County, Az. containing 119 acres.

180. Quit-Claim Deed conveys:
The NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 32, Township 12 S Range 19 E. of the G and SRB and M, Cochise County, Arizona.

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181. Walker Addition Being 44.148 acres in NW 1/4 of Section 10, Township 17 South, Range 20 East, G & SR B & M, surveyed by T.A. Cox, C.E. March - 1902


Dedication of Streets and Alleys

I, Sophia Walker, widow, residing in Benson, Cochise County, Arizona do hereby dedicate to the City of Benson, for public use , all the streets and alleys in Walker's Addition to the City of Benson as shown in the accompany map. Signed at Benson, Cochise County, Arizona, June 26, 1905. Mrs. Sophia Walker.



Amended Decree of Distribution Estate
Estate of Jesus M. de Soza
In The Superior Court of The State Of Arizona
In And For The County Of Pima

Lots 15 and 16 in Block 4 of Walker Addition to the Town of Benson, Cochise County, Arizona. (Lots 15 & 16 are at the northeast corner of streets designated as Mark and Huachuca.)

182. Guardianship Ramona Soza, Guardian. Undivided one half interest in 160 sold to Ricardo Apodaca. Sale confirmed November 28, 1913. Copy from CCR.

183. Flynn Maxey, Tucson gathered information on his wife's lineage. His wife, nee Olivia Meyer, is a descendant of Francis Henri Goodwin and Petra Carrillo Moreno. Petra was the sister of Jesus Moreno de Soza, the widow of Antonio Campa Soza. Data dated November 29, 1974. Copy obtained through N.A. Gonzales, Jr. Tucson per letter dated May 17, 1992

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