His Siblings

The parents of Antonio Campa Soza were Manuel Sosa 1820-1850 and Luisa Campa 1825-1900. Luisa would be widowed thrice, and would remarry twice after the demise of Manuel.

From the first marriage, Manuel Sosa and Luisa had two sons, shown below with their respective spouse, namely: 

Antonio Campa Soza
Francisca Gastelum 
Mercedes Federico
Maria Jesus Moreno
Placido Campa Soza
Mercedes Elias

After Manuel's demise, widow Luisa Campa Soza62 married her husband's brother Calistro Sosa. To Luisa's second marriage, Calistro brought his son from a previous union with Paulina Rodriguez.


Placido Campa Soza [AHS 22K]

Manuel Elias Soza [AHS 28K] Manuel Elias Soza [15K]

(Top) Placido Campa Soza66 (Bottom) Manuel Elias Soza67  68

Joining Antonio and Placido in their household, was their cousin Juan. To this growing family, Luisa and Calistro added two additional sons: Nicolas and Santiago.


Juan Soza
Jesus Maria Sotelo
Nicolas Campa Soza
Juana Borquez
Santiago Campa Soza
died as infant

Widowed again, Luisa remarried; this time to Jesus Maria Mungia, and two additional children were added to the now Sosa/Mungia domicile, namely:


Tomas Campa Mungia
Refugio Moreno Lopez
Ramona Campa Mungia
- Poyorena

The census's of 1860, 1864 and 1870 are helpful in corroborating some of these entries. In the 1860 Census only Luisa Campo (sic) and Antonio, Placido and Nicolas are shown. Also named is Rosa whose identity is unfamiliar and might have been a cousin or visitor

The 1864 Census, Antonio age 19, Placido 15, Nicolas 7 and Tomas 1 are inventoried in the same household. The reader will remember that Antonio's first marriage took place in Tucson on April 23, 1864 when Antonio was 19 years of age.

The census must have been taken before April 23, 1864 otherwise Antonio's new bride Francisca Gastelum was absent. Socially, the census reveals a frontier extended family, with a young bachelor or newly married Antonio, housing three brothers born to the same mother, but by three different husbands, namely:


Antonio Campa Soza
Luisa Campa
Manuel Sosa
Placido Campa Soza
Luisa Campa
Manuel Sosa
Nicolas Campa Soza
Luisa Campa
Calistro Sosa
Tomas Campa Mungia
Luisa Campa
Jesus Maria Mungia

The Census of 1870, list Antonio at age 25 with his second wife Merced (sic) age 16, who was born in Sonora. Antonio is shown as a farmer, with property valued at $2,750. Juan Soza is listed separately at age 20, as is Placido, age 20 shown with Nicolas age 12. No female occupant(s) is indicated in the Juan Sosa or Placido Sosa residence.


Unrelated to this biography, but newsworthy is the 1864 Census listing of their uncle José Maria Sosa (111), his wife Solana Mendoza, and their daughters Manuela and Gregoria. This is the family directly and long associated with the Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House Museum property in Tucson.


Manuela Sosa de McKenna [13K]  McKenna/Sosa Quilt [43K]

Manuela Sosa de McKenna63  McKenna/Sosa Quilt64

Returning to the biography, the reader will appreciate the fragility of life, the hazards of frontier living, and the ever menacing threat of the Apaches.65 Under these often hostile and hazardous conditions, Luisa Campa gave birth to six children. With the hand of Providence and the grace of God, five survived the sometimes dangerous, harsh, but always beautiful Arizona desert landscape.


Rita Valenzuela Soza [28K] Cornelio V. Soza and Ermita Silva Soza [12K]

(Left) Rita Valenzuela Soza69
(Right) Cornelio V. Soza and Ermita Silva Soza70


Nicolas Campa Soza with nieces rosaura Soza Vijil and Luisa Soza Saenz [AHS 29K] Nicolas Campa Soza, daughter Victoria Escheverria Madrid with grand daughters Lupe Mendoza and Aurora Perez [AHS 31K]


(Left) Nicolas Campa Soza with nieces rosaura Soza Vijil and Luisa Soza Saenz (Right) Nicolas Campa Soza, daughter Victoria Escheverria Madrid with grand daughters Lupe Mendoza and Aurora Perez71

Trinidad Madrid, Victoria Borquez Soza, and daughter Helen Madrid [AHS 20K]

 Claistro Borquez Soza [22K]  Concepcion Navarro Fimbrez [17K]

(Top Left) Trinidad Madrid, Victoria Borquez Soza, and daughter Helen Madrid72
(Bottom Left and Right) Claistro Borquez Soza and Concepcion Navarro Fimbrez73

Juan Sotelo Soza and Juan Soza, son with father [34K]  Jesus Sotelo Soza [11K]

(Left) Juan Sotelo Soza and Juan Soza, son with father 
(Right) Jesus Sotelo Soza75


Juan Sotelo Soza [20K] Juan Soza Family  [27K] 
Juan Sotelo Soza and the Juan Soza Family

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