Water Rights


Antonio and his brother Placido recorded with the Cochise County Recorder, claims for water rights on the San Pedro River, to irrigate their farming operations.

Antonio's NOTICE OF LOCATION OF WATER RIGHT was filed on June 30, 1885 and proposed taking water from the San Pedro and conduct it in ditches or canals on either or both sides of the San Pedro valley to lands owned and occupied by him.81

Antonio's Water Claim

Antonio Campa Water Rights Claim

Placido's claim stated that he had taken out a ditch of water to irrigate his Pre-Emption claim of land on the San Pedro river. The dam and ditch were completed in April 1879 so that he could irrigate his land and grow a crop.82Placido subsequently assigned his water rights to his brother Antonio on August 13, 1885, with location identified and described as:

E 1/2 NE 1/2 & E 1/2 SE 1/2, Section 30, 
Township 12 South, Range 19 East, G & SR B & M.83

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