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Soza Family Brands

A book of Brands and Marks of Cattle, Horses, published in 1898,89 list brands for the following family members: Antonio Sosa (3 brands), Jose Sosa, Joaquin Soza, Mrs. Jesus Sosa, Francisco Sosa, Lisandro Sosa, Antonio Sosa, Jr.

Other family brands that were used later than 1898 were: Ben Moreno Soza, Carlos Moreno Soza, Antonio Moreno Soza (2 brands), Maria Jesus Moreno Sosa, Joaquin Soza, Juan Vijil, Mercedes Soza Apodaca, Herminia Leon Valenzuela Soza, Rosaura Soza Vijil, Ricardo A. Apodaca.

Carlos V. Soza, Moreno Valley, Ca., the son of Carlos Moreno 76 Soza and Herminia Leon Valenzuela, stated that he conducted the last cattle roundup at the former Soza Ranch c.1940 and drove a herd of approximately 200 head over the Redington Pass, into Tucson.

Four branding irons were donated to AHS by the children of Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Campa Soza. These branding irons had been used in cattle operation in Pima and Cochise Counties, and are identified by the AHS Collection Reference Number:

#1051 Bought from Felipe Viaescusa (sic - Villaescusa) by Antonio Campa Soza with a property located at the corner of Convent and Corral, Tucson. No details as to how many head of cattle were traded. The Soza property was immediately behind San Agustin Cathedral, Tucson.

#1052 Belonged to Francisco Federico Soza, son of Antonio Campa Soza and Mercedes Federico (second spouse). This brand was used in the San Pedro River Valley before the start of brand registration in 1898

#1053 Original brand of Antonio Campa Soza of the San Pedro River Valley.

#1054 Brand belonging to Antonio Soza, Jr. which correctly refers to Antonio Federico Soza, son of Antonio Campa Soza and Mercedes Federico.

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