Capilla de San Antonio de Padua


At his San Antonio Ranch, Redington, Antonio constructed an adobe church structure, dedicated to the glory of God and his patron saint. On February 2, 1903, a modest one room adobe chapel was officially dedicated as the Capilla de San Antonio de Padua de Lisboa.

Oral family history related to this writer, was that Bishop Henry Granjon officiated at the dedication, with Rev. Father Julio Gheldof of Benson assisting. However Bishop Granjon's travel diary does not record this dedication activity. Family members closer to the event have reiterated that Granjon and Gheldof participated in the dedication.91

On January 6, 1939, Jesus Moreno de Soza and her daughter Maria S. de Gonzales were interviewed at AHS for the purpose of recording Jesus M. de Soza's oral history and reminiscences.92

In this document, Maria S. de Gonzales related that her father,


Antonio Soza built the church and had the Rev. Julio Geldorph (sic) come to the ranch. Antonio promised he would bear all expenses if he would come and baptize the children. The priest told Antonio to build a church, and he did. Father Girard paid for the lumber bought from the Benson Lumber Yard, and Antonio had the adobes made and got the equipment. When finished Rev. Granjon went to bless the church, he was the priest at Tombstone at that time. Father Granjon blessed the church and dedicated it to St. Anthony and was to be called San Antonio and the ranch also....

Benito Soza would later describe to his niece, Ana Elias, his recall of the chapel's shape and form. The resulting drawing93 again attributes the dedication to Bishop Granjon, with Rev. Father Julio Gheldof assisting.

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