Soza Cemetery


Manuel Moreno Soza was ambushed and fatally wounded within two miles of the Soza Ranch compound. His remains were found after an absence of two months; and when found he was buried at the exact site in 1911. His parents, Antonio Campa Soza and Maria Jesus Moreno, have since joined Manuel as have nine other family members.

The cemetery has, for many years, been faithfully and lovingly attended by the family of Carlos Moreno Soza and Herminia Leon Valenzuela. Annual work parties clear out weed and bush, to maintain the dignity and integrity of this burial site.96

In these holy and sacred grounds are the remains of:


  1. Manuel Moreno Soza
  2. Antonio Campa Soza
  3. Jesus Moreno Soza
  4. Francisco Soza Vijil & Maria Soza Montano97
  5. Jose Maria Soza98
  6. Infant99
  7. Francisca Soza Doy100
  8. Refugio Moreno Lopez Mungia101
  9. Tomas Mungia
  10. Robert Michael Soza102
  11. Helen Soza Ortega103Helen Soza Ortega103

The Cemetery is located, overlooking the San Pedro River, and described as:

Section 28, Township 12 South, Range 19 East, Gila & Salt River Base Meridian, Cochise County, Arizona.104
The South Ridge of Soza Wash, 1.5 miles east of C-Spear Ranch.


Images of the Soza Family Cemetery

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