20th Century Jesus Moreno de Soza

20th Century
Jesus Moreno de Soza


Maria Jesus Moreno [18K] Antonio Campa Soza and unidentified stranger [AHS 31K]

Maria Jesus Moreno 136 and Antonio Campa Soza and unidentified stranger135

Maria Jesus Moreno, the third wife of Antonio Campa Soza was born in Los Angeles, California on December 24, 1855. In her 1939 Reminiscences interview, she stated: "My parents were married in California ... We were all born in California, four living and two dead before we left there."112

What brought her father, Jose Benito Moreno to Los Angeles, California c.1852/3 from Ures, Sonora is unknown. From family oral history, in Ures, Sonora, Jose Benito Moreno married a sister of Leopold Carrillo. A daughter, Petra Carrillo Moreno was born of that union in 1847, and later c.1851, her father would become a widower.

Petra Carrillo Moreno was subsequently brought to Tucson by her uncle Leopold Carrillo, who provided for her support, upbringing and education. With assurance that his daughter Petra was in good hands, Benito migrated to Los Angeles. In California, Benito married Maria del Refugio Villalobos, who had been born in California c.1837.

This migration chronology is important in tracing the path of Jose Benito Moreno; the father of Petra Carrillo Goodwin (nee Moreno) and her sister Maria Jesus Moreno. In 1878, Petra's husband Francisco Goodwin, would be a witness at the wedding of Maria Jesus Moreno to Antonio Sosa at San Agustin Church, Tucson.

Back in California, church records have been diligently and extensively searched, and no trace of marriage vows between Jose Benito Moreno and Maria Refugio Villalobos have been located. Likewise, the baptismal records for their daughter Maria Jesus Moreno, by whose account, was born in Los Angeles on December 24, 1855.

What has been found113 is baptismal evidence of José Benito and Maria Refugio's children, to wit:


Maria Jesus Moreno
December 24, 1855
No record found
Jose de Loreto Moreno
September 8, 1857
Sept. 9, 1857114
Maria Francisca Moreno
October 4, 1858
Oct. 10, 1858115
Corcinio Moreno
November 28, 1861
Dec. 11, 1861116
Bersabe Moreno
Unknown c.1865
No record found
Refugio Moreno
Unknown c.1867
No record found117
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