Dunbar School; An Interview with Harry Warrior

Based on a 1988 oral history by Annie Sykes; 1996

Mr. Warrior was interviewed by Annie Sykes, Peer Assistant to the African American History Internship Project. Ms. Sykes also wrote this narrative.

Mr. Warrior was born in 1932. He and his six brothers and sisters grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Harry is currently a resident of Modesto, California. He is retired from the University of Southern California Medical Center after spending 30 years there as a radiologist.

During the period 1939 to 1947 Harry attended Dunbar School. He has fond memories of his school days there, one of which was the sense of community that was derived from attending an all Black school. Harry said: "We lived in integrated communities; our neighbors and friends were of different persuasions, but when we went to school our world was totally Black. When playing with friends and discussing various areas of study I found that the children who did not attend our school were on a different level academically and had different books. Our books were hand me downs from the White schools. Nevertheless, the dedication of the teachers at Dunbar was enough to encourage the young people who attended the school to persevere."

Harry was the next door neighbor to the then principal of Dunbar, Morgan Maxwell. The students that he remembers attending school with him are Bobbie Bell and Eddie Ward. Contrary to popular thought, there was, according to Harry, a sports program at Dunbar. Harry stated: "There were sports for the junior high school levels. I played basketball, football, and baseball; we played other teams in the district." Harry further noted: "The most ironic thing about the whole situation is that my brother who is also a former Dunbar student and Tucson High graduate is now current Vice Principal at Tucson High School."

Mr. Harry Warrior is a product of the formerly all Black school, Dunbar. Those who taught him and influenced his life can be proud of their results. We appreciate Mr. Warrior for sharing important information about Dunbar and himself for the benefit of the general public.

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