My friends and I undertook this attempt at recording history in order to preserve the individual stories of the members of "E" Company, 13th Infantry Battalion, United States Marine Corps Reserve. We deem this necessary in order to honor the hardships endured by them and by their families and in the hope that their stories may be passed on to their children and others to come.

With this effort we also want to honor those who made the supreme sacrifice. Their histories were cut short, but should not be forgotten:

Killed In Action

Raymond C. Hubbard
Raymond C. Hubbard 
PFC Malcolm J. Schaeffer
PFC Malcolm J. Schaeffer
PFC Joe M. Valenzuela
PFC Joe M. Valenzuela


Sgt. Raul B. Babasa
Sgt. Jesus R. Carrasco
Raymond C. Hubbard 
PFC Alfonso E. Lopez
Sgt. Johnson "George" McAfee, Jr. 
PFC Manuel H. Moreno
PFC Richard L. Nickles
PFC Emilio A. Ramirez
PFC Corbett B. Robertson
PFC Malcolm J. Schaeffer 
PFC Antonio Y. Urbalejo
PFC Joe M. Valenzuela 

Visit the Web pages for the Easy Company Memorial Dedication, held on June 1, 2002. Read the Arizona Daily Star's front page article "12 Local Marines: Barrios To Korea To Graves" by Tom Beal, that appeared on Memorial Day, May 27, 2002.

Honor our Gallant Departed Marines of "E" Company

Henry A. Arnold 
Alejandro E. Aros 
Otis Baker 
James Brady 
Arnulfo Borboa 
Gildardo Borboa 
Mike Borozan 
José E. Bravo 
Ruben R. Carrillo 
Edmond C. Chapple 
Arturo C. Cocio 
James Cocio 
Manuel Cocio 
Ignacio D. Cruz 
Bradford E. Daily 
Ralph Dorame 
Gasper Eldridge 
Manuel M. Fimbres 
Joe W. Finley 
Robert Fisher 
Armando C. Fontes 
Hector G. Gonzales 
Manuel C. Gonzales 
Manual M Greenblatt 
Joe V. Guerrero 
Fred W. Havens 
Earl G. Helms 
Clayton G. Herber 
Morse L. Holladay
Eugene Hudnell 
Gilbert Jayme 
Andrew Kaiser 
Barney E. Lister 
Eddie V. Lopez 
Alvino G. Majalca 
George Mendoza 
Rudy Mendoza 
Efren E. Moreno 
Mike G. Moreno 
Richard J. Munguia 
Richard H. Noriega 
Oscar Nunez 
Gilbert Orduno 
Oscar Paredes 
Ralph Patricio 
Manual V. Paz 
Anthony Pitts 
Tom 0. Price 
Ruben Ornelia 
Raul M. Reyes 
Ray R. Rios 
James E. Roberts 
Peter J. Roberts 
Eucene B. Rodriguez 
Miguel R. Romero 
James R. Rosenbaum 
Malcolm Ross 
Gilbert Ruelas 
Armando Salazar 
Albert Salcido 
Ruben Serna 
Albert Sharpe 
Kenneth Sturgeon 
Leon Tasler 
John T. Tellez 
Henry M. Valdenegro 
Max Waldman 
Jesus Ybarra 
Dale E. Zimmerman

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When the Descendientes Del Presidio De Tucson (Descendants of the Tucson Garrison) was organized, Patricia Preciado Martin suggested that it would be valuable if the membership got involved in Hispanic oral histories. In the past Mrs. Martin had been instrumental in collecting oral histories for the Arizona Historical Society in order to preserve Hispanic histories for their archives.

A committee, headed by Annie Lopez, was formed with that in mind. I remarked to Rudy Lucero that I would like to have someone write the histories of members of "E" Company of the Tucson Marine Reserves, which was activated in 1950 for the Korean war. The next thing I knew, Rudy presented me with a tape recorder and instructions for conducting interviews. With an incentive like that it was impossible to back out.

The objective was to gather the oral histories in order not to lose the individual stories of the members. The interesting, the funny, the proud and the heroic adventures these men experienced are worth telling - certainly of interest to their friends and families. These stories could then be available as book material.

The next incentive came from Doctor Kleese of FAMILY HISTORY LAND, who suggested we issue a booklet on the material we had gathered. At a meeting of the Tucson Detachment of The Marine Corps League Rudy and I decided that this would be a good way to raise money for the DEVIL PUPS program sponsored by the League. This program pays the expenses for boys aged 14-17 to attend a program at Camp Pendleton for a period of 10 to 14 days during summer vacation time, during which they get a taste of military life, engage in sports, have some marching drills, and generally enjoy themselves.

We hope the readers find the stories interesting and take pride in the knowledge that they have helped a worthy cause.

Please read the Introduction and Acknowledgements and the Dedication to Volume I Book III

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