In addition to Mrs. Tang's contributions to The Promise of Gold Mountain, these individuals have contributed to its development, maintenance and growth since it first became publically accessible in October 1995.

The current version that you see represents a re-design of the 2001 site re-design. Andrew Bareham, a student assistant in the Learning Technologies Center (LTC), developed on the banner image and navigation bar. Stuart Glogoff, Sr. Consultant, Learning Technologies, adapted the stylesheet and populated the site. Glogoff developed the original site and has managed it since October 1995 when it first became available on the Web.

Louise Glogoff, Web Manager at Pima Community College researched the history of Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans in the U.S. Southwest and wrote the historical sections. We are also endebted to several historians who gave us permission to created digital texts of their previously published research. These e-texts may be found in the publications section of The Promise of Gold Mountain. A resource list of sources used in preparing the Historical Perspective section is available in this website.

Images contained in The Promise of Gold Mountain are predominantly from two sources: the Arizona Historical Society (AHS) and Mrs. Esther Don Tang. The AHS photographs were selected from the Henry and Albert Buehman Collection, "the largest single photograph collection, containing more than 250,000 images. From 1875 into the 1950s, the Buehmans operated a photographic studio in Tucson. Their collection includes portraits of many prominent Tucsonans and Native Americans, as well as street scenes, mining, and many other subjects." See the photo credits page for more information.

Last revised December 21, 2004

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