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In 1995, an interview was aired with Ruben Moreno on Tucson's PBS affiliate KUAT-TV. The interview reported on a booklet that the Tucson Detachment of The Marine Corps League had created and was using as a fund raiser for boys aged 14-17 to attend a summer program at Camp Pendleton.

Shortly after that, Mr. Moreno was contacted by Micaela Morales and Stuart Glogoff, formerly of the UA Library, who proposed creating a digitized version of the booklet for the World Wide Web. Mr. Moreno and the E-Company Marines agreed that it would be a worthwhile endeavor. Over the next few months, Ms. Morales created the original website and it went public in March of 1996.

Copies of the original E Company Marines Remembered booklets may be viewed in the U of A Library's Special Collections. The call numbers are DS921.6 .E26 1994 v.1 pt.1 and DS921.6 .E26 1994 v.1 pt.2. For information on hours, access, parking, and assistance, direct your questions to the Library's Special Collections department.

Since March 1996, the Web exhibit has received national attention. It was added to Military.com, been visited by other Marines who served in the Korean War (see example below), and has been faithfully updated as additional oral histories and related materials were created.

Congratulations on the oral histories of the Marines of Company E. Their stories were particularly interesting for me, since I am of the same age group and was in the Corps at the same time. I was born April 28, 1930, and joined the Corps in March, 1949 after 2 years in the Navy Reserves. I had 17 1/2 years enlisted service, and 21 years as an officer, and retired from USMC in 1987, and retired from Hawaii State civil service in 1998.

Times were tough during the depression in the little California town where I was born and raised but, like the Company E Marines from Tucson, it seems to have toughened us up for the Corps!

To all of the gallant Marines of Company E, I send my best wishes for a happy and healthy Happy New Year 2000.

Semper Fidelis

After a redesign in 2001, the E-Company Marines Remembered website was redesigned in January 2005 to the interface you see today. The main banner image was created by Michael Martelle a graphic designer who leads the Learning Technologies Center's Graphics and Animation team. The banner incorporates an image of the Kino Korean War Memorial depicting the E-Company Marines who were killed in action.

At the heart of this website are the stories of these brave men, whose lives were shaped by their service as well as by those who gave their lives.

Thank you for visiting E-Company Marines Remembered.

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