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Images from the Tucson Urban Renewal 1968 
(TUR) Location 22:2, Room 2, Unit 3 
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Window ledge on south wall of Room 2, Unit 3
Window ledge on south wall of Room 2, Unit 3. Photo by James E. Ayres 
[32K ASM neg. # 17866 ASM1]

The images appearing on the Tucson Urban Renewal Project pages are from the collections of the Arizona State Museum Photography Collections. They were digitized during July 2000 from negatives contained in the Collections from Florence C. and Robert H. Lister's historic archaeology work on the Tucson Urban Renewal Project, 1968-1973. Information regarding these images was taken from the Listers' The Chinese of Early Tucson: Historic rchaeology from the Tucson Urban Renewal Project. Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona, Number 52. The University of Arizona Press, 1989.

"Nearly 80 acres of old downtown Tucson were renovated between 1968 and 1973. Preliminary work for this massive undertaking involved extensive excavations in areas known to have been occupied for a consideraable time by the town's early Chinese population. The material items recovered reveal a history rich in ethnic tradition despite the rapidly evolving and changing western frontier." (Lister:18)

These images are from photographs of homes in the block bounded on the north and south by Broadway and Jackson streets, and on the west and east by Main and Meyer streets. (Lister:20)


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