Oral Histories of the E-Company Marines

by Rudy M. Lucero

The year 1950 was not much different from other years in the Old Pueblo (City of Tucson, Arizona).

Young men were unexpectedly coming together to march into an adventure which in a short period of time would completely change their lives.

They came from the different barrios, or neighborhoods, of the city - Barrio Anita, Barrio Hollywood, Barrio Libre, Barrio Crouger, Barrio El Hoyo, Barrio Milville, Barrio Pascua, and other parts of the city and surrounding areas. Some were still in high school - others, for different reasons, were not in school. Some were single and others were married. Their destiny was already in the making; they were all to fulfill their obligations as Marines - their calling was: THE KOREAN WAR. These are their stories:

Oral histories compiled by Ruben Moreno, Rudy Lucero and Annie M. Lopez

Juan C. Alvarez Robert C. Alverez David Arellano
Darwin Aycock Arnulfo "Nufi" Borboa Angel Carranza
Robert L. Castro Earl "Tiny" Collins Harold Don
William James "Jimmy" Fisher Oscar "Challo" Franco Arnold "G├╝ero" N. Garcia
Hector D. Garcia Jim Huebner Leon Kreida
Alfred "Al" Leon Eduardo V. Lovio Alejandro "Chapo" Navarro
Armando "Boy" Ortega Herbert "Dick" Oxnam Frank (Frankie) Perez
Martiriano "Marty" Ramirez Oscar Rendon Raul Reyes
Bert Rincon Eddie "Mickey" Rios Gilbert "Niggie" Romero
Vicente L. Suarez Gilbert "Gabby" Valenzuela Willy Valenzuela


Los Chavalones of E- Company: Extraordinary Men in Extraordinary Events by Carlos G. Velez-Ibanez. Address given to the 40th Reunion of E Company, Tucson Arizona, July 28, 1990.

In addition to these oral histories, E-Company Marines Remembered booklet included four poems/songs. Visitors are invited to read them.

Gracias, Marinos by Carmen Celia Beltran 
Ya Me Voy Para Korea words and music by Lalo Guerrero
Barrio Viejo words and music by Lalo Guerrero
Forever Young by Ruben Lopez Moreno

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